Monday, August 06, 2012

How Much is "Enough?"

A person is "rich" who thinks he has enough -- and more than they deserve.

A person is "poor" who no matter how much they have, is never enough -- and never as much as they think they deserve -- which is that they should be the top 1%.

The attitude of gratitude is largely what separates the rich from the poor -- and not the amount of money they have.  In fact, the median income is the "sweet spot" -- that enables people to differentiate from those who can multiply their income and wealth in a better quality of life, or whether every purchase they make is a net negative -- because instead of exchanging value for value, they hope to get something for nothing every time, at every opportunity -- so that everyone is made poorer by these transactions and interactions, rather than that society is enriched by such markets of opportunities (choices).

Resourceful people make the most of their resources -- and not claiming that even the more they have than most others, is not enough for the high station in life they think they alone should have.  This is particularly important when you see the next rally organized by the union (government) workers all making at least the median income, and usually double that ($50,000) waddling down the streets in their stretched out XXL T-shirts, proclaiming they are the 99% -- when they are in fact the 1%, who will never have enough no matter how much we give into their demands -- that they should be compensated equal to their imagined peers in the top 1% of the 1% -- and are supported by the Occupiers who think that everything should be free and unlimited, and that is the least society can do.

So we really need this proper perspective.


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