Monday, September 03, 2012

The Great Divide

It should be apparent -- if not obvious -- that when one reaches the age of retirement (after 60), what distinguishes the "winners" from the "losers," is not how much money they have and can expect for the rest of their lives, but how healthy they are, and if they can maintain that health and improve it, or whether they are in an irreversible decline -- that robs them of every other asset and enjoyment.

That's why we do need a new paradigm of aging in the future -- in which people do not simply and invariably get worse, but that some people get better, and eventually, most people do -- as a result of human progress and evolution to an even better life.  That's why the present health model and vision of society for the foreseeable future, now fails, and is not sustainable beyond the next few centuries in which that underlying infrastructure begins to experience crises on the way to failure.

In many large gatherings now, it becomes apparent to the observer, that many more are obese and disabled from that obesity and lack of health maintenance -- as a priority for these people beyond the job security it provides for the health care professionals, and those who make a living off of health improvement scams.  The problem is mainly one of ignorance -- that every individual does not have the information that enables and empowers their own health -- but has the information that disables and disempowers themselves to the benefit of those who profit from that ongoing and continuing relationship.

To sell an exercise machine is one thing, but to improve health is something else entirely -- that nobody sells, but one has to "buy" -- and that is the inclination to understand that there is a reason why things happen, and why they don't -- and it doesn't matter how many authorities say otherwise, and they have a cure after one has injured oneself -- but not before.  Usually, if not always, that which cures, is also one's best prevention -- and the reason why people prepare themselves to do something, before just going ahead and doing it without reading up on how to do it first, and the problems and difficulties that could arise -- from the previous experiences of others.

That is as far as past knowledge goes -- and is useful, because each experience will always be different -- just as they disclaim, that nobody has perfect knowledge -- and there is the problem that the category of experience one places it in, may not be the reality of that situation at all.  One may have the right solution for the wrong problem -- which makes it just as wrong, as the wrong solution for the right problem.  And that is usually the failing of most people to connect the right solution to the right problem.  Many insist that even their one "right" solution, is the answer for every problem, and every so often, it will seem so -- and so they are completely and absolutely satisfied with their one right answer, and thinking their can be no other.

Then that things always just get worse -- and never better, is what they think all reality is -- and not that the whole history of the universe and life, is to get better, and evolve to the next level -- even if it was thought that further progress was not thought possible -- and everything that could be known and experienced, was already known and experienced -- and so one could only look at past knowledge -- if one wanted to understand the future, because the past could only repeat themselves forever more, and the "educated" people of their time -- taught it as the absolute truth, as though they knew everything, or even anything.

It is that mindset and conviction, that prevents human progress and the solution of problems -- and where the new winners and losers begin to diverge and then become the mainstream experience.  In these times, that is obviously the great frontier and the great divide -- that while most people are still aging and getting worse in the familiar ways we have seen in the recent past, a few individuals are breaking out of that pattern -- and creating a new way of being, not because they are the mainstream, but because they have questioned the authority that says such a thing is not possible -- and live in that reality.

But for those who think that nothing can ever change -- nothing certainly will.


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