Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Remaking of Society

Since they're not making a difference anyway, they should disband the schools, and let people who want to teach and have something to teach, put those classrooms to good use.

Real teachers teach because that is what they do -- and not unless they receive over $100,000 in total compensation to do as little as possible -- or they're just going to stay home and eat, which their group (striking) photos indicate that's the only thing they're good at.

We need to restore learning and education to an honorable calling, and not just because the most inept college students can qualify for phony-baloney teaching certificates and advanced degrees -- so they don't have to work hard, or at all.

The secret is that people always want to "learn" -- but will be resistive to being "taught," so that successful graduates of that kind of education, will become the next generation of teachers who do only what they are overpaid to do -- because they have no love for anything but stuffing their faces until their bodies literally explode -- as examples of people we don't want to learn to become.


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