Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Worst Preparation (Education) in the World

We educate ourselves to prepare ourselves to live successfully (effectively) in the world of challenges we expect to face -- rather than in the denial that we ever have to face that world, and deal with it -- as successful, mature, responsible human beings.

That is the real meaning and purpose of an education -- and not as it has been hijacked by a few, to serve themselves exclusively at the expense of everybody else, so they can live in the lifestyles they believe they are entitled to -- in the claim that they are "sacrificing" themselves so that everybody else can have those luxuries.   No just society demands that one group or individual "sacrifice" themselves for anybody else.  Each is simply given a fair chance, but must accept the consequences of their own choices and individual actions.

That is the enlightened approach that makes a good life possible -- otherwise, there is no good and bad, but only what is coming for everyone, no matter what they do to prepare for it.  But a large part of an education, is the belief that what we do, and think, matters, and makes a difference -- or why should we even think about these things?

The best predictor of future success -- is present success -- which is to note, that if one is presently doing well, the chances of that continuing, are much greater than those who are failing in the present moment -- largely because they are so concerned with their prospects in the future, that they have little regard and awareness of what they are doing presently, and think it doesn't matter.  But that is the only thing that matters -- because that is reality in the actuality, and not one's theories and thoughts about what reality is.

The knowledge of anything, is not the thing itself.  Usually it is much less -- than the totality of what is going on.  What they "know" about what is going on, may not even be important to know about what is going on -- and in that way, one thinks that nothing matters -- because what one knows, doesn't seem to make a difference -- and may in fact be, the root of their despair.  

For many, that is the belief that everything will get worse, and that no matter how much they have, it is never enough -- and so all they can strive for, is to attain "more," and that will never be enough. That is the futility of their lives and existence -- which is the worst preparation and socialization into a world of successful fulfillment.  It matters much less how much they do have, then what they make of what they have -- at any moment, because that is what multiplies whatever they do have.

In that way, a few have always managed to have enough, and even plenty, while all too many, will never have enough, no matter how much one gives to them -- they will always find a way to turn that into a losing situation.  That is their skill, that is the way they were conditioned to think -- that there is never enough, no matter how much they have -- and should only want and demand more, endlessly, unceasingly, so that winning is never possible, but only losing, and the sense of loss -- for not having it all.

Even if they "had it all," they wouldn't know what to do with it -- and that's why wise men throughout the ages, have remarked, that genius is making the most of what "little" one has, and in that way, making great all that one has.  And that is the life we all have -- to make the best or worst of it -- as our lives.

That should be our primary concern -- and not what everybody else should do for them, so that they no longer have to do anything for themselves.  That is totally meaningless -- yet many still demand that, simply because that is the only thing they've been educated to "do" -- demand that everybody else fulfill their lives for them.  Such people, never know what it is in life they want to do, except they are positive, that they want to be rich, famous and successful at it.  They want all the trappings, but none of the work, or the satisfaction, of doing anything for themselves in that way.


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