Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Paradigm Shift (The Quantum Leap)

The major worry, as the Baby Boomers head into the 21st Century, is not that their hearts will fail, but that their senses will, while their vital signs of heart beat and breathing, continue long after -- causing many to expend the rest of their lives and fortunes, in that nearly persistent vegetative (non-responsive) state -- which surely, is the worst of all possible worlds.

Not only is it disastrous for those individuals so afflicted, but it will also impact and drag down all the lives around and associated with them -- because many lives have to be dedicated and sacrificed to keep a person in that nonresponsive though "living" condition -- in that condition, when those individuals are long past being able to do anything for themselves -- and no chances for improvement.  At least babies grow out of that helpless condition to eventually (hopefully) be able to take care of themselves -- and others as well, nurturing the next generation.

But up to now, there hasn't been any provision for those in hopelessly deteriorating conditions -- with no possibility of improvement, and only the guarantee that things will get continuously and progressively worse -- because medical science has enabled that small measure of life to continue almost indefinitely, while the greater quality of life, has long since vanished.  That will continue as long as it is possible, and there is someone who will pay the bills for such continuing care.  Present discussions, are almost exclusively about how we can continue this state of affairs -- and not that the present solution is wrong and misguided, and that there will never be enough money nor manpower for "society" (everybody else), to take care of each individual.

The obvious (better) solution, is that every individual has to learn to take better care of themselves -- first and primarily -- as the greatest responsibility of citizenship and participation in that society.  Thus the measurement of meaningful life, shifts from whether one simply has a heart beat and still breathes, to a higher standard of total functioning -- particularly at the critical cognitive and voluntary organs of the senses (cognition) -- for which humans have long distinguished and differentiated themselves -- before it became "politically incorrect" to do so.

The critical senses (organs) are at the extremities of the head, hands and feet -- by which we express fine motor coordination, hand-eye coordination, hand-feet coordination, ducking a blow to the head, and all the movements most are not aware of that propel the rest of the body.  The movements at the hips and shoulders, which many instructors are proud to identify as the core, are virtually meaningless in the ultimate expression and release of power (to change).

The power of change, is always expressed physically at the head, hands and feet -- as the ability to grip a tool, maintain one's balance, and turn one's head to be aware of what the world is telling them -- before initiating the appropriate responses in relationship to it.  The inappropriate response, is to be oblivious to all that is happening around one -- but to persist in one's actions anyway, thereby requiring greater assistance and resources to keep one alive in that way.

Long before one gets to that point, they need to be increasing the capabilities of the organs of the extremities, by optimizing the circulation to and from it -- in firing neuromuscular impulses to improve those responses and control -- all one's life, which means focusing the movement, at those axes and ranges of movement (expression) -- as the meaningful indicator of their fitness, and not simply stop at the heart beat, which may go on long after any cognitive brain function, hand and foot movement can be expressed.

When those movements are ensured, enhanced and improved -- throughout the remainder of one's life, it is then meaningful to say that one continues to improve and get better -- because that is precisely what they are conditioning themselves to do, and subsequently, beThen it can properly be said, that one's doing, is one's being -- and vice versa, so there is no disintegration and deterioration, but rather the increasing integration and improvement of that individual -- for as long as they maintain that practice.  But it is only perfect practice that makes perfect -- and not just any expenditure of calories and heart beats, that make it so.

That is what most of contemporary conditioning programs miss -- or are entirely unaware of.  One does not become better, or world champion, by simply practicing and doing anything -- as though it doesn't matter.  They have to do everything, as though it matters -- and doing everything in that manner, works in every aspect of their lives and functioning.  And that is not the same thing as just doing anything, in any ol' way, and wondering why one is not getting the desired results.

I notice that there are many videos on YouTube now offering free instruction and advice on the best exercises to do to get in one's best condition -- but most are invariably about what they can do, that nobody else can -- including the 500 lb. bench press, or walking on one's hands for 100 feet, or more familarly, running a marathon at age 90!  Presumably, if one can do that, one will be in marvelous shape and condition -- but fully 99.9% of the population will not be able to take advantage (use) that advice -- invariably offered as a "genius solution."  They may have even bought all the bogus certifications by whomever is selling them -- and convinced the mainstream media (it is very easy to), that they are the premier marketer in that respect.

Meanwhile, the health and social crisis continues to ramp out of control on its present course, because eliminating the problem, is very different from exploiting the present situation -- and hoping it will continue as long as possible.  But there is no future for such a society -- in which everyone becomes increasingly dependent on others to provide for their health and well-being.  The only viable future that makes perfectly good sense, is that everyone has to learn to take better care of themselves -- so there is no need for an army of people to be one's caregivers for the rest of one's life.

That's how the world changes.


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