Friday, October 18, 2013

A Future Worth Living

 What's missing in the "health care discussion," is that HEALTH is one's best health care insurance -- and not making THAT one's priority and leading investment, makes all the other discussions moot.

No amount of insurance is an adequate substitute for being in good health -- and dedicating all one's time, energy and resources to that attainment first -- rather than paying huge sums (one's entire life savings/resources) to those who make a handsome profit on one's poor health and condition.  That's where this country made an immensely wrong turn -- investing in the poor health of its individuals and institutionalizing sickness as the norm -- rather than ultimate health and its fullest actualization -- that solves all the problems.

Fortunately, this is the turning point towards the new way of being -- and not simply deteriorating because one can, and every bit of one's resources will be directed towards those ends.  That is a totally meaningless existence -- and the promise of retirement, and seniority, is defining and reaching a higher standard of life than ever thought possible -- because one has all the time, energy and resources to dedicate to that.

That is a future worth living -- and not just being fodder for all the vultures of the world -- infinitely.


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