Sunday, October 13, 2013


That 1.5% Social Security cost-of-living increase is ten times the interest rate they're paying out at the bank -- which is a godsend for savers.

What this country needs is an Office of Relocation so that people with low incomes, can be relocated to communities where the cost of living is very low -- rather than being trapped in the high cost, high crime ghettos of the high-cost-of-living cities -- especially since they are retired and are trapped and victims of those environments. They would doubly benefit from a fresh start in life from the overcrowded cities -- and finally get a chance at the dream of American pastoral (low-density) life.

They don't need to be there and would be far better off almost anywhere else -- if there was some agency that would expedite those moves. I know many think people should die in the homes they've always lived in, but for many low income and even moderate income people, obviously a life anywhere else would be better -- especially with such disparities that exist in the world. There could even be an international branch of relocation so that people who want to move anywhere else in the world on their Social Security, can choose to do so expeditiously -- where they can live like kings and queens, rather than be homeless in New York City, San Francisco or Honolulu.

Other countries might welcome these newcomers -- as valued citizens with high fixed American incomes. There's probably a Walmart, McDonald's, or Starbucks to make them feel right at home.


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