Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Value of Life and Death

This is an important issue for the future.

When people have a pet that is suffering -- and that life is no longer viable, it is the humane choice to put that animal to sleep -- rather than keep it alive in pain and suffering for as long as humanly possible, and at whatever cost.

That same consideration and compassion should be given to human life as well -- rather than the insistence that people who want to end their lives, have to do it themselves in a horrible way.  We have the technology to prolong life long past any consciousness and enjoyment of it -- but we also have the understanding to end it as painlessly, and humanely as possible -- when their very living is a constant torment.

Otherwise, people have to commit suicide by cops -- after taking many other innocent lives; they should be allowed to just make that decision for their own -- sparing the countless others from that pain and suffering -- just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  So if we really are sincere at reducing the pain and suffering in the world, that would be the intelligent choice -- that people are increasingly allowed to choose for themselves.

The whole lesson of Christianity and other religions -- is to become at peace with one's own dying, and at peace with everyone else.  That also is the object of life, and living.


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