Friday, November 15, 2013

The Future Will Be Different

History doesn't just repeat itself -- as many unobservant people think.  Life is always changing, and never staying the same.  How that life changes, has not been predetermined -- but is the reason for our being and living -- and not despite all our efforts.  That is what makes lives meaningful -- and not simply the dysfunction and despair many think it is.

Human beings "age" when they fail to adapt -- but continue to make the same mistakes that aren't working, obviously -- and then think they always have to be that way.  And so their problems and difficulties become irresolvable -- rather than the focus of all their efforts -- to get better, to overcome their problems and difficulties.

But if one is always learning, trying new ways, and not just repeating the same ways that aren't working, there is a chance for an entirely different outcome than their present course.  Yet their conditioning and habits, makes them do the same things -- that aren't working, and that is their dying to each day and new opportunity for change.

That change of understanding, is the difficult part of conditioning -- not just for once, but for everyday of one's life -- and that is what keeps one young and vital, sensitive and responsive -- and when one no longer is that way, decline and deterioration will set in.  Life is the choices one must make.  Dying is the thinking that one no longer can make those choices that affect one vitally.  Many live that way -- their entire lives, and so that end, is unavoidable.

The future will be different, if one makes it different -- in the very thinking of it, but can never do so, thinking the same and simply repeating what one has always done before.  One doesn't improve by simply doing MORE of what one has done before, but in doing it BETTER, than they've ever done it before.

Thus it is the movement itself that is important, and not the resistance to such movement -- done increasingly badly, that one should not be reinforcing -- until ultimately one fails in the various ways -- injury, disinterest, and the lack of favorable results.  Conditioning doesn't have to be all those undesirable side-effects -- with little or no positive benefits.  Yet many will simply do what they have done before -- even without the hope of any improvement, simply because that is their conditioning -- to simply repeat regardless of the outcome.

One can be conditioning wrongly, as well as rightly, and not that any and all conditioning, is good.  Obviously, that is not true -- and that is the difference one experiences in the world and life.  So first, it is important to discern and discriminate such differences, rather than follow the advice of those who do not know what they are talking about, except to claim to be the "experts" on such matters.

Inevitably, we find out that they have no idea of what they are talking about -- despite repeating it mindlessly all their lives.  They've never questioned that authority -- as their condtioning -- to get beyond to the truth of that matter, and find out it can be different from the only way they've been told, and unfortunately taught, by poor teachers and the culture of those environments.

They go on that way until it is "too late," and they can no longer change.  They are simply resigned to their fate -- that they can no longer get better, but now and forever more, can only get hopelessly worse.  So while one is young, or at any time in one's life, one must recondition oneself to the thinking that one can change -- fundamentally and thorougly, and not just the hope that they can change only one thing, while everything else remains the same.  That is not how change works; real change, changes everything -- so much so, that one doesn't have to change everything.  It produces its own momentum and life of its own.

But most people don't want real change, or change enough, to produce such a profound movement -- and that doing, is their very being -- the form they express and exude, and not simply how they wish it were different.  If one is observant in the gyms, and in the schools, and in all the activities of life, one sees these forms manifested in all the behaviors as well as the forms they take.  Form confirms function.  What one sees, is what one expects.

So if one can see without these preconceptions of what they think they are doing, one sees the truth of the matter, of simply what is happening -- and not just the propaganda of what they think they are doing.  Those are the few that break through in any field of activity -- to attain the truth beyond, and that is what is important, and serves them well all their lives -- regardless of the field of their specialization.  That is the universal truth recognized in all.  That is what rings true.

Otherwise, one thinks there is a different truth for every different occasion, even if it seems totally at variance with every other truth one has learned in life -- and so only the different experts in such fields, can know that.  But the truth is not like that.  It is recognizable to those who haven't been indoctrinated in all that propaganda to accept it wholly.  It can be recognized in any part of it -- because the truth is always in the whole, and never in the half-.

But many say, "I'm not ready for the whole truth, tell me just the half-."  And so what they know, is a collection of half-truths, not adding up to any whole -- and so nothing makes sense, or is expected to.  They simply repeat what they have always done before.

And thus they age -- badly. 


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