Friday, November 22, 2013

Where Did This Country Go Wrong?

You can't ENABLE people to get worse -- you have to EMPOWER them to get better, so that they don't need MORE health care.

That's where the "progressives" have gone wrong.  We need to dedicate this society to producing healthier people -- rather than more health care for people who aren't, and will live indefinitely in that declining state of health.  That's the whole orientation of the present health care system -- to keep dysfunctioning people alive for as long as possible in that condition -- because the money is just too damn good that way.

Meanwhile, there is very little money in really healthy, independent people.  The lesson to be learned, is from the 10% who are so healthy they never need to see a doctor -- and find out what those people do -- rather than extrapolating the sickest 10% onto the entire population -- because that becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy.

That's where the nation lost its vision -- in people becoming better, rather than simply worse, and justifying that as "normal aging," and all its attendant afflictions.  Most people's problems are not caused by aging -- but rather dysfunctions and dependencies, and the solution is not how do we pay for more caregivers, but how do we create people who are their OWN best caregivers -- so we don't have to pay for prohibitively expensive "professional" caregivers to do what each could do best for themselves?

That vision has all but been abandoned, and is now even being "outlawed" and penalized -- with the propaganda that such people don't pay for their own health care if they actually need it, and so should subsidize those who are totally dependent on it, as they are for everything else.

But even then, a rare few will choose to be as healthy and self-actualizing as they can be -- as what the human enterprise and evolution is meant to be -- despite societal mandates to do otherwise.


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