Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seeing the Light at Christmas

Actually, the best use for the LED "Christmas" lights, are for the heat of the summer -- when one wants light without producing any unnecessary heat. But since each string of 50 bulbs only consumes 5 watts of electricity, or as much as a night light, they make excellent 24/7 year-round ambient lighting so that one can always see well in the dark -- which is the greatest danger in one's household, especially if one needs to get up at night. They work well as minimal security lights by providing inobtrusive visibility.   

But what is most overlooked, is that the LED provides far superior lighting -- especially if one uses the "cool white" or "daylight" regular bulbs -- which is superior to the old Ott light bulbs used in light therapy -- because they just make one feel good, and see better. In this respect, LED is a tremendous upgrade well worth paying a premium for but prices have come down dramatically so as to become the most economical option as well.

LEDs are a game-changer. 95% of the stimulus of the brain is light -- and when that is superior, people live and become healthier, and safer, more efficient. Everything previously, is caveman technology.


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