Monday, February 17, 2014

When to Collect Social Security -- In a Nutshell

The reason a lot of people take early Social Security is because they have no choice. They are out of work and have exhausted their unemployment compensation with no prospects in sight, or are in poor health and barely hanging onto their jobs. I'm sure the people at the welfare office are not going to allow them to collect welfare if they qualify for Social Security -- or have other resources.
But those who have an income (including Unemployment Compensation) who don't really need the extra income, are shortsighted to grab the money just because they can. If you don't need the money, it is wise to let the benefits grow until one does, but if one does need the money, one shouldn't put oneself under hardship and duress thinking they are wise not to avail themselves of that money -- because that is what the program was designed for -- and not to maximize one's benefits if one doesn't need the money. Those people have other means (choices) to increase their money.

Many people don't. The object of American life is no longer being the richest person buried in the cemetery -- or having the most money at the end. I think Warren Buffett and Bill Gates already have those honors locked up.


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