Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Great Divide

People can most meaningfully be divided into two categories -- but not the ones most often talked about -- black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, Republicans or Democrats, etc.  The major difference, is simply whether one is fully healthy and thus functioning on their highest level, or whether there is some factor in their lives that prevent this -- whether they are black or white, rich or poor, etc.  If they are healthy and functioning at their highest level -- then there are no excuses for their failures, or the undeserved success of others, and thus the actualization of their own lives -- as their experience of the world, and reality, come what may.

That is what every individual needs to be fully-focused on -- rather than distracted on all the diversions and entertainments the world is prone to offering as the shadow of reality and actuality -- of which the greatest human error, is in mistaking the "shadow on the wall (cave)," for the reality.  That is the confusion that is the great divide -- because knowing the difference, by learning the difference, is one's healthy orientation to life.

Health is actually what we are all here for -- to manifest it as best we can, and by that achievement, providing that, creating the stepping stone to the next advancement of those possibilities for the human species as well as all of life -- and not just get caught up in our private fantasies, deceptions and delusions of what is going on, and what is so important -- that results in the most inhuman acts and conditions -- because the mind is so divided and fragmented, that it can never see the whole, and experience it.

Instead, every experience, thought, and action, has no relation to anything else.  Everything in life is completely arbitrary -- and has no meaning, other than one's whim, which is to do only one's thing, regardless of all the others.  That's how "accidents" happen -- people thinking they have all the rights, no matter what the realities of existing in a world of others.  It is not enough just to have the right, or the right of way, to ensure one's safety and well-being -- but only a presumption that has to be confirmed, by actual agreement -- and not just unilaterally.  That is the exercise of the human contract, in daily living.

That confirmation and affirmation, makes us healthy -- in the actuality, and not just our own minds.  In that way, the world is not divided into thought and action, but are instead, integrated into thought in action.  And that is what it means to be healthy -- the embodiment of health, and not the fragmentation of it into sundry and many symptoms -- all unrelated to one another, for certainly, they must be fundamentally related.  But for the many narrow specialists of any time, life is never whole and complete, but is a constantly raging war, of every part against every other part -- for primacy and dominance.  That is the unhealthy, tortured mind -- we see explode unexplicably from time to time in some ultimate rage.

Many others, never get to that point of ultimate frustration, but quietly acquiesce and accept, the futility of their own existence, in deciding there is nothing they can do, that makes a difference -- even, and especially in their own lives -- so mesmerized are they by the mediated experience of the images from everybody else's incomplete understandings -- that life is made for the whole, and not just that individual exclusively.

That is the problem of isolation, division, aging -- when people begin to separate from the whole, into fragmented existences apart from all the others.  That is the problem -- and not that dividing it further into all the divisions and categories, brings about a great comprehension of the whole -- which is to live in the unity of it all.  Then there is no ranting against the other -- and every other, as though that was the solution.  That is the divided, fragmented mind -- that is the source of all the problems.

You are the world.


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