Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Future Will Be Different

For most of recorded history, those in charge, tried to convince us that the future would be no different than it had been in the past -- which is to say, that history merely repeated itself, and never broke new ground -- when the real truth is that the future has always been different, and never just the repetition of the past.

That's why civilizations and cultures rise -- and fall, just as individuals are born, and then they die -- to make possible change, which is to say, "different."  Otherwise, people can only be victims to their past, and not the creators of their future -- to the extent that they can imagine possible.  But that does not simply mean that anything is possible, but rather, one finds out what is possible, which is the discovery of truth -- at least for that moment.  That truth of the moment, is not necessarily, the truth for all time -- but only for that moment, and that is why one is always discovering the new, and not merely reaffirming the new as the old -- as many think is their duty to do.

In that manner of living, all that is new, is merely made old -- and not being reborn in the new, as life has to be to remain fresh and young.  Clearly, that is how some are young, while others are old -- in their time, and before their time.  They refuse to change anymore -- but are insistent, that the world and everybody else, change for them -- so they can remain the same.  That which is unchanging, is that which is dead -- because the nature of life, is that it is always changing -- which is manifested by movement.

That is the value of movement -- that it is change, and the life-giving force it brings.  One doesn't move to stay the same; one moves to produce a change -- and this understanding is critical, for determining and designing programs of exercise, that hopes to produce desirable changes, and not just more random activity -- signifying nothing meaningful and productive.  That is to say, that it is important not to just learn anything -- but to cultivate specifically desirable results -- that are obvious and measurable.

However, often what is measured, is not what is most important to measure, but simply, what is easiest to measure -- as in the common example of heart rate, rather than goals, food, tools, or any other tangible expression of what one things is important to effect.  The objective is not just to work harder and faster, but to produce a specifically desired result -- of a better body, health, and life -- that doesn't come about just by increasing random activity.  

Understanding this difference, is the reason some succeed, and many fail -- because they fail to distinguish, that which is relevant and significant to do.  Instead, their efforts, are likely to produce failure and frustration -- rather than the greater clarity, of what they are doing, and attempting to improve at.  But that doesn't happen, just by doing anything -- or only that which they've done before,  that has failed.  They have to do something different -- in order to succeed, and get better.

That's obviously how the future is changed -- and made different -- or it doesn't matter what one does, and how much one does of it.


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