Saturday, January 10, 2015

Going With The Flow (of Information)

Probably the greatest difference between the Old Mind and the New Mind of the 21st Century, is that the old mind was conditioned to work against the information presented -- as though it was in competition against it -- rather than allowing that information to work and manifest through them.  That old mind, was particularly conditioned to think that all the information of others, was also to be regarded as against them -- and never allowing that any information could be used mutually.

That is probably best expressed in the notion that one has to beat the market -- or beat all the other participants in the market (activity), because they were conditioned to believe that the only way they could win, was for everybody else to lose -- and never that what could be useful and valuable to one, might also benefit every other.

That mentality of course, sets one up against every other, at every opportunity -- whether the situation calls for it or not.  In such a framework, information is used only as a weapon against all the others, rather than as a tool for everyone to access as needed, and as such, does not needed to be accumulated and/or hoarded, but is abundant and reaffirmed in each use.

This particularly becomes a problem as one ages in this manner of thinking -- because it makes the world and environment one is operating in, invariably hostile, and so one's energies are increasingly and endlessly consumed in protecting one's "hoard," or "turf" -- with little remaining energy and resources available to take in any new information -- in that moment, which is of course, is the reality of the situation, and not merely the memory of a past situation (knowledge) and response.  Such people noticeably, are always living in the past, or even future, but never in the present -- even as much as they will frequently remind themselves, to live in the present (moment).

The very fact that they fragment their reality into the past, present and future, is already an indication that there is no perception of the totality of information with no such divisions.  The present information, implies the past and the future, and so is unnecessary to consider, as additional information -- rather distracting and detracting from their attention to the relevant -- which of course, is this particular moment -- unlike all the others.

Such an orientation, is a fresh mind -- allowing one to reach conclusions and responses one has never before -- instead of merely repeating only what they have done every time before -- whether the situation and/or information, merited it.  As such, their perceptions and therefore responses, are a private reality or fantasy they increasingly withdraw to -- in preference to increasing their exposure to whatever the outcome or information is now telling them -- and which now requires an adequate and appropriate response.  But that is frequently not forthcoming, because such minds are absorbed in the old, which has less and less to do with actual realities anymore -- so immersed has one become in their own thoughts and memories, which is not an inevitable part of aging, but certainly a certain path to it -- at any time and age.

One simply has made up their minds, and is determined never to change it -- no matter what information comes into view -- because that is one's intention, and not going with the flow of information and outcomes constantly monitoring and reassessing -- so as to actually improve the situation for increasing benefit -- and not despite and in spite of "no matter what" happens.  That is the distinguishing feature of the primitive (old) mind, from today's emerging fully-integrated, and integrating, actualizing healthy individual.  They are so by acting in concert with all the information -- and not just that small part that they would like to take as the whole -- in preference to it, which of course is reality -- and the only one that counts.

In simpler terms, that is going with what works -- rather than superimposing their idea of what should in preference to actual outcomes, and adopting mere repetition as their truth -- over any other feedback.  So it is enough to think that simply repeating what they have always done before, is doing all they can do, even if it is not working, or creating the desired (optimal) results -- rather than paying attention to the outcome, as the totality of what they now must respond to -- and in that manner, things greatly improve, rather than staying the same, or more than likely, getting immeasurably worse over time -- which they blame on "aging," rather than accept the truth that they need to change, and thus can improve, and continue to do so all their lives.

That is obviously the right approach -- and not simply doing what one has always done before, thinking there will be some miraculously different result.  Every outcome, is simply more information -- one should not ignore, in preference for only that they want to believe.  That "solves" the problem every time.  That aligns them with reality -- from which the truth is manifested through them, and flows.


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