Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nothing More Important to Do

It should be obvious, but to many people, it isn't.  They insist they are other than what they actually do -- and would like other people to believe they are.  So for such people, there is always the difference between what they do -- and what they wish other people to believe, despite what they actually do.  That leads many to conclude that they are "hypocrites" -- people who do one thing, and claim that it is something else, so that others should not trust their own senses, but instead, believe what they say.  In that way, others become as confused as they are -- of what their true "intentions" are, in addition to their actions.

That manner of "doing," becomes quite acceptable as the way of the world, where nothing is as it obviously is.  Thus, many do not know what happened, until somebody else explains it to them -- in their very contorted logic.  Such people are easy to spot, spending most of their time explaining what they are doing, rather than actually doing anything.  How could they be?

Doing is always an integrative action.  Talking is the act of fragmentation -- of creating many different versions of the one reality.  Reality is always the One Thing -- and not many different explanations of what is happening -- which of course, fragments the reality into many tiny parts -- often in contradiction of one another.  That is the problem of living in any age.

Many cling to the tiny parts as though they were the whole -- which must be a unifying comprehension, and not just more separate, conflicting realities.  That only adds to the confusion -- and never reducing it.  Usually, the facts speak for themselves -- rather than needing interpreters of every persuasion and ideology.

So all of life, is a quest for this truth of the matter -- and this truth, will keep them ageless.  but when one only lives in the shadows of their delusions, eventually it must come to an end.  Before that, is the dying to the truth more and more each day.  That's what kills.  Dying to the truth.  But if one lives fully in the truth, there is no such dying -- for the truth is living in the present and each moment -- fully. Somewhere along the line, we lose that connection, the mind-body, and live increasingly, in lonly the reality of the mind.  That is the danger at any age, but especially so as one ages.  That is why some do it well, but many do it badly.

That is the final challenge, and we hope to get that right too.


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