Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Problem is Not the Answer

Many people's solution to a problem, is to create another problem instead -- rationalizing that it is the lesser of two evils, or at least a different problem -- as though that was the best of all worlds, rather than eliminating all problems as best they can foresee.

In this way, all the energy that should be freed by the preoccupation with the problem, is merely diverted to another, and so it seems, nothing ever changes -- as truly they have not.  That is excellent job security -- for those who make a living off of those problems, that of course would be eliminated, by the elimination of the problem.  And so they are vested in the perpetuation of those problems -- rather than the elimination of those underlying conditions -- all the while demanding, unlimited more money -- to "solve" a problem they have no intention of eliminating.

That ties up a lot of money -- as well as energy, and other resources -- and before one knows it, time and life are over, without making any progress from one generation to the next.  Life frequently can go on for generations that way -- before there is a breakthrough, and the course of human history and evolution are transformed entirely. But surely that time will come again -- as it always has before.  Nothing stays the same forever -- especially if it was ever alive.  That is the quality of life -- that it is the process of change, and thus the possibility of improvement.

The greater life, is the measure of change -- but the meaningful question is, what changes?  Is it simply running faster, jumping higher, or lifting more weights -- or would it more meaningfully be measured as the robustness and vitality of life in longevity -- as we've never witnessed before?  That would be the great challenge of this age -- when increasingly more of the population ages with their well-known "problems" of aging.  What if those problems were eliminated?  How would human consciousness be transformed? -- without nearly half of life being consumed by the preoccupation with remaining robust and vital throughout whatever remaining years?

Those should be the thoughts of truly progressive people -- and not merely, how to achieve more of the same?


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