Tuesday, March 21, 2006

District 21/22/23 Newsletter (Diamond Head to Kakaako, Moiliili to Pawaa)

The regular monthly meeting for Districts 21/22/23 will be on the usual 4th Wednesday of the month, this coming March 22, 2006, at the Hawaii Republican Headquarters, at 6 pm., which Bob Kessler's note at the end of this newsletter, might be up for reconsideration -- because of his ongoing concern that one day, we might have too many people show up, to which I say, "We'll worry about that when that happens."

Like most political discussions, one has to quickly draw a line between problems that could arise, from those that are actually dragging us under -- and solve the ones that are most urgent, and not simply the ones that are easiest to solve -- which are of course, all the hypothetical problems of many political discussions. If there is one thing I learned in Political Science classes -- it is that above all else, it is the science of the possible -- otherwise it can quickly get out of hand into the endless bs sessions of everything anybody else could do in this world to make it a better place for us. So one of the major reasons we ask for your involvement, is as an education on the realities of the political process and the people actually involved -- because hopefully, most people realize it is something different from what is often represented in the media, from often a very partisan or incomplete view -- even, and especially from the reporter/editors who vehemently insist that they are being "objective" -- as nobody else in society can be but them.

It's very important that you find out for yourself what is going on and make up your own minds as to what is the truth of the matter -- because that is what matters! Of course we do so confident that when you experience the alternatives, you won't be able to help but make an intelligent, best choice. I think the most telling consideration is simply in the treatment and regard one has for every other -- that tells you what you need to know about those you want representing you in government affairs, if you choose not to be your own best representative. And there is that option with the Republican Party; you don't have to ask for anybody's "blessing" to run for office -- even against them. That is what we all understand -- that it is the best person that should represent us, and not simply those who must be maintained in office because they've simply been there the longest, and that's the way it's always been done before, and therefore, must be forever.

That's basically the difference in the culture and mindsets of the two major parties. One is alive with ideas and people who think things could be done differently -- and better, and not simply in the way they've always been done before, and we simply have to stick together no matter what, to see that that continues. We know that's a dying culture and mindset as an effective response to life ahead -- not just "for the keikis" or some other untouchable icons of the present status quo -- but for a society just as meaningful and purposeful for everyone. Why should anyone feel a need to sacrifice themselves for a self-designated few who think they alone should have permanent entitlement to status and privileges by playing off all the others against each other?

I think one of the great accomplishments of the Lingle-Aiona administration of government, is this reduction in partisanship as the be-all and end-all of every political discussion. I support the Republicans not because I'm partisan -- but because they're great people to know and associate with. You talk and feel that someone is listening rather than going into denial, while trying to convince you that everything your own good senses tell you, is untrue -- and it is their job to tell you what is "true," and it is merely your duty as a citizen to believe them. That's how things are very different now under the new leadership -- and how it manifests at every level of participation. So feel free to join us.


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