Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Ship of Fools

Laws were intended to ensure the success and prosperity of human communities -- and not to ensure their extinction so only the seals, turtles and whales will survive in their "natural" state.

That is the meaning of the great teachings that are the foundation of great societies -- that they are biased towards human success and not giving equal chance to the jellyfish and whatever forms of intelligent life the self-hating and self-loathing Sierra Club and PETA elitists think would make better heads at the Department of Education and Planning.

It's not like there aren't hundreds of similar boats operating all over the world under all kinds of conditions, with an admirable record for safety and usefulness, that Hawaii doesn't have to reinvent the wheel and do environmental tests as though none have ever existed before.

That is the benefit of learning about the world -- so that people no longer think, "This is Hawaii, so none of the laws that make any sense can apply."

There should be reasons for laws and not just arbitrary because the lawmakers can -- and don’t know how to use that power responsibly for the benefit of mankind, because their whole conditioning in life has been to defraud the system -- as though there was great merit in that, and proof of one’s intelligence, if not ruthlessness to be the tyrant.

But morality is no longer an issue or a value in Hawaii where all discriminations are forbidden -- but simply knowing how to milk the system gets one highly esteemed. At no time is that more true than at the elections -- in which winning, is the end in itself, rather than the beginning of a great public service. As long as the citizens are fooled every two or four years, that is all that is necessary.

And so the people go back to complaining between elections -- until at election time, they are fooled once again -- aided by the media personalities, who are flattered to be of such service. Predictably, things get worse, and it’s not just one’s imagination that the people lose all sense of their own power and ability to do anything for themselves anymore, and only await word of how much the federal government will be sending their way -- because they have “proven” how incapable they are of doing anything for themselves, and need more and more aid every year.

That slavery to one’s own helplessness and futility, is a catastrophe waiting to happen.


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