Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The New World Emerging (That Works!)

Hawaii needs rich, successful, entrepreneurial people more than they need these countless welfare queens and kings demanding MORE for doing less -- or nothing at all as educational adminstrators and union officials.

That is Hawaii's problem -- and getting rid of the successful in order to finance the job security of "professionals" who have become redundant in a learning culture and society -- except for the indoctrination of the education establishment that demands that the people cannot learn anything except to first pay them all their "extra" money, and that they should always be paid MORE because they are the new kahunas of this age.

More than anything else in the age of the Internet, learning has become free -- and people can do it for themselves better, and even schools could be reorganized to take advantage of all the intelligence being suppressed by the teacher unions and authoritarian figures, who demand that everybody else sacrifice themselves for their exclusive benefit.

Obviously, that old world model doesn't benefit anybody but the entrenched status quo who wish to remain at the top exploiting everybody else -- but now discouraging the bright young creative people who can make Hawaii and society work -- for everybody, and not just their own narrow and perpetual self interest and self-aggrandizement.

That is what the new world that is successful is about -- and of course, the old world wants to punish and banish from becoming the dominant new paradigm in Hawaii and the world.

Those jobs are pau. We don't need self-important people anymore who think the riches of society must all be confiscated for their exclusive benefit.

More than any other group or institution now, they are the defenders and perpetuators of the old status quo, or Establishment, as the rebellious of the last century used to call them. But those "rebels" became the establishment themselves, as each generation inevitably does, and now they want to entrench and perpetuate themselves perennially at the top -- despite the fact that they have long ceased to have and serve their original purpose -- which was to provide an opportunity to learn about the world.

These days, we can do it even better and faster because of the information and communication technologies -- that have effectively supplanted the old education institutions and that way of learning, which we also know as the liberal indoctrination into the "political correctness" -- as a few self-appointed and designated few have done for everybody else in the past, as the mass media mode.

But every individual can discover the truth for themselves -- because they interface directly with that world now as was not possible previously. So we don't need layers of that bureaucracy telling everybody else what to think and do -- and often confusing, their own desires, power, and ambition, for the common greater good.


At February 03, 2010 9:03 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Very obviously, government is the problem -- particularly supporting a privileged (entitled) class that doesn't make any contribution to society but "demanding more" from everybody else -- to support them in the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to and fond of.

I guess if we want to call it that, it is a socialist society, where they take from the producers to give to the nonproducers -- as some kind of perverted sense of justice.

But that clashes with the emerging world of greater reliance and self-sufficiency now made possible by the new information and communications technologies that allow people to do their own thinking and discover the truth of any matter for themselves, and not just what benefits the job security of government employees.

Obviously, that model can't continue, with more government experts doing the thinking for everybody else (for their own benefit) but everyone is better off making those decisions for themselves, which is the greater actualization of a free society.

Those discussions seem to have been lost in the abrogation of those rights and powers to the self-appointed and anointed few of the old world establishment defending that status quo -- with themselves permanently and indelibly entrenched at the top.

What country is that?


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