Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Killed the Newspapers?

The First Amendment is the freedom OF religion (expression), and not the freedom FROM religion (expression), which of course, is suppression, oppression and censorship of only that speech they approve of.

That's the reason the newspapers (old media) died, or failed, when they no longer could exclusively impose their political correctness on everybody else -- even in the way in which they could be expressed (Associated Press style), and academia became irrelevant because they could not speak to the people directly but were reliant on the intermediaries of the media and the institutions (schools) they interpret their "brilliance" to the greater audience.

But those capabilities for direct expression were now given to everyone to speak their own truth, in their own manner of expressing them (which is integral to that truth), and so the world changed in that way that the world of thought control is still reeling from, and hopes will return to that of their own control and monopoly again.

Some people's lives are religious, and to deny that, is to deny their basic expression -- and for most of the last two thousand years, lives were essentially religious, and so to deny any reference to religion, is the denial of most of human history and the forces that made it so. As such, one doesn't have to burn books to suppress that important component that distinguished lives and explained why people moved from religious persecution to freer environments -- and not just arbitrarily so.

That is still the driving force of these times -- that people move towards more freedom and choices, and not less -- and preferring even, that a self-selected few should be allowed to continue to do all their thinking FOR them, speak FOR them, as the new improved political correctness of these times.

Of course, most of them still don't get it, and will go down to the end, trying to convince everybody else what to think -- as those outmoded syndicated columnists of another era -- still trying to get everybody in the country on the right page, discussing only what they think the world ought to think important -- and even demanding that that be so, as the only way a civilized society has ever allowed.

Fast forward to the present times.


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