Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Problem of Education

The most important thing to learn, is how to think for oneself, and find out for oneself -- which will never happen as long as the professional educators tell everybody what to think, instead of how to think for themselves -- which is the freedom to choose and exercise their intelligence, and not have all these decisions made for them by those who think they know better for everybody else.

That is the issue in all these discussions on "education," which is valuable in that it should make us more free, and not less free, so that we have no choice but to conform with the one political correctness a self-promoting group thinks is their exclusive turf -- which is the problem everywhere, but particularly so in Hawaii where every self-aggrandizing interest group wants to own a monopoly.

And so there is no choice -- and therefore no expression of freedom and intelligence, which is the whole purpose, and not just to provide permanent job security for a few people. If people can't teach well what their students want to know, they shouldn't be promoted to education administrators, but should have to find jobs they are more suited for (if any), leaving those positions available to those who do have something the students want to learn about -- which is always changing, and not merely the traditional curriculum of the medieval ages when everybody had to think alike.

So simply forcing the students to attend the schools they don't want to go to, with teachers who have nothing they want to learn from/about, is not going to make them more intelligent -- but simply result in a society that is less intelligent by forcing everybody to go along with a system that is a proven failure.


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