Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is Hawaii Now the Worst Place to Live?

It is no secret that Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the United States -- because it is not united with all the others, but an island far apart, and trying to maintain its separation as an identity -- if not badge of merit, rather than joining the rest of the human race, as the rest of the world is. That is the high cost of maintaining that distinction, in the world of standardization -- which is that conformity to the uniformity of standards that make it efficient and cost-effective.

We know that a part that can take or fit any other, is likely to be much cheaper than one that has to be custom-made for each occasion from scratch -- as though even the wheel has to be first reinvented and calculated into the cost of the finished product -- "Because we do things differently in Hawaii." Therefore, the bicycle wheel that works on the Mainland, might not hold up to Hawaii's roads with all its potholes and poorly engineered roads. And rather than simply replace a pair of cheap flip flops, we need a special glue and patch kit, to keep them going until we can't patch them anymore.

So that manner of specialization (aversion) to conform to the uniformity of standards, makes economies of scale impossible, because one is virtually always custom designing for the one, instead of being able to take advantage of the economies of mass production -- even though it turns out, the product may even be substandard at a premium price -- because that is how the market is "regulated" -- to cost as much as possible, as though that were the highest end in itself, and if one can not pay, then one should not play -- until finally, the sidewalks, parks, beaches, bus stops, are overrun, as the expression of compassion for the less fortunate in that society.

Something is very, very wrong there -- when they let people sink to that level of poverty and despair, and then feel they are being tolerant and compassionate, to let them live at the bus stop babbling to themselves -- unharassed. That is the very mark of a society that doesn't know the meaning of tolerance and compassion, or anything for that matter. And so everyone lives on their own private island, apart from everybody else -- without any shared vision of what life is, and can be. And so "Da Kine" could be, and does mean anything you want to think -- because it doesn't matter what you think.

Goethe once described Heaven as a place where everything is connected and related to everything else -- and Hell where nothing is connected and related to anything else. The progress and evolution of the past 50 years is largely this connection and integration to everything else -- and so one is no longer left on an island all by themselves, but literally have the collective intelligence of the human consciousness at their fingertips.

So to still be conditioned (educated) to think one has to do all one's thinking apart from this total intelligence, is operating at a decided and irrecoverable disadvantage to the basic operating conditions most people have now or desire to -- yet to convince themselves that that is their major blessing and bliss, is a tremendous handicap to overcome.


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