Tuesday, January 01, 2019

When the Ordinary Becomes the Extraordinary

Far more people are disabled by their own lack of exercise -- than are disabled by illnesses and injuries.  That is as crippling as actual inabilities.  And even among the ill and injured, some recover while many never do -- and remain disabled for life.  The few who do recover completely and even go on to develop even greater capacities by their resolve, are the renown heroes of athletics, but just as extraordinary, are those who recover merely to walk again, and do all the things required to maintain themselves at their everyday functionality.  It may not seem like much, but it is the fundamental basis that empowers everything else.

Most of us take these things for granted until we are older -- when they become increasingly problematical as their new reality.  It is at such time and epiphanies, that everyone decides that life can still get better for them, or just continue to decline and deteriorate -- from here on out.  What that point in life is, varies greatly from individual to individual.  Some begin to decline as soon as they can -- while a remarkable few, never come to that crisis.

Instead, they continue to get better with age.  Of course, that is not the general rule, but the exceptional -- which is still possible at any age.  Those are the people expecting change, and planning and preparing to rise even further to the challenge.  That is the winning attitude -- but what else is more important to do?  But it is entirely personal -- what one chooses to become good at.  If they are wise, they will continue to do the ordinary things in their life - for the rest of their lives.  They don't need to run a marathon or swim a mile.  They have to do the ordinary things -- as well and better than they ever have.  That is the extraordinary.

Life increasingly becomes personal -- at which point a lot of people, call it quits.  Lots of support in one's younger years, but at some point, one realizes they are all on their own -- and nobody else cares as much about the outcome.  That's a shocking realization for those who have been driven thus far, by the thoughts and opinions of others to determine what their lives will be.  Nobody else really cares -- as much as you do.  If you don't care, nobody else will.  That is the truth of the matter.

That's not what the institutions and media would have us believe -- that anything could be other than what they are promoting, and selling -- as the truth we all know, presumably.  However, what we all "know." may vary greatly.  Hopefully, we are discovering new truths all the time.  But that is not just the work of a few self-designated, but everyone, in every aspect of their lives.  That is the significance and work of every life.  The rest is distraction and entertainment.

That too, may be increasingly many people's realities -- as the virtual becomes the actual. 


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