Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Larger Than Life

Even Jesus didn’t win them all — because winning isn’t the ONLY thing. The main thing is that we know the difference —between the true and the false. That goes beyond what the media (Pharisees and the Scribes) say is true — and the only way to think about these things.

Yes the media would like it if we all bought into what they are selling — but as the wise have always noted, the majority is usually wrong — and not that “might makes right,” so we all have to chant and repeat only what we are instructed to — and not that we should think for ourselves anymore.

We need to be MORE discriminating rather than less. The ability to discriminate is the the antidote for Prejudice and Bias — but if we cannot tell the difference (discriminate), then we go along with the mob — and that is what all the great literature and wisdom warns us of. It comes in different guises each time.

Yes, it would be nice if everyone recognized the truth — but what matters, is the few who do — in every generation and circumstances, and remain steadfast in that truth — by living it. They eventually Inherit (change) the world — as truth stands the test of time, while the false come and go with the regularity of arbitrariness and capriciousness, and the indoctrinations of the present moment.

Making the critical discriminations is what life is all about — and not simply trying to be only on the “winning” side — because there is a reward greater than we have been “conditioned” to value as the only thing that matters. We see the truth play out — and not that is what others tell us is so.

Invariably, it is that they own the monopoly on "truth" -- as though that was what God intended -- as the last word on all things, and get to enforce as ruthlessly as necessary -- as their exclusive right.  It is the same with every generation and society -- and not merely some fable of some distant time in memory -- which they now supplant, as the way it has always been for time immemorial.  That's why we have historians -- who tell us it is not so -- that things weren't always the way they tell us it must be.  Life is change -- and by that mechanism, always getting better -- because nothing else stands the test of time.

That's why the present reality is the truth -- and not only what a self-designated few, tell us is so -- despite what our own senses tell us is so.  If that present "truth" is not working, then one should be free to explore alternative ways of looking at the problem -- because the problem is in the present solution (adaptation) -- and not that the world is inherently flawed, while their understanding is "correct."

Knowledge is useful when it conforms to reality, and not that reality must be distorted to conform to that explanation.  Then, all kinds of mischief becomes possible -- and the truth becomes anything one thinks they can get away with.  That doesn't make for a happy world, let alone a world that works, and makes sense.  That is the "scientific method," as opposed to a world of "authoritarianism," that claims it is following the science -- but that science can't be disclosed to anyone else -- but those already in authority positions.

Fortunately, we still are allowed fields in which one can find out the truth of the matter for themselves -- as the only thing possible.    Those are the matters of personal choice -- which makes the real difference in outcomes and people's lives, and not just that everyone must conform to the "averages" -- and nothing else is possible.  That is the failing of the liberal arts curriculum -- that everything is merely a matter of opinion, and how many one can get to agree with them -- usually without thinking very deeply about it themselves.  Instead, the microphones are thrust in front of them for their "expert" opinion -- as though that is "science," or an intelligent response at all.

That quality of thoughtfulness now becomes absent in all discussions -- and there are no second chances unless one is doing the editing, and then one has unlimited chances to do so until they come out perfect -- while distorting every other viewpoint to gibberish -- just as the editors of old had the chance to do before final publication.  But now, even that can be erased and tampered with -- by the unscrupulous.  And so one has to retreat even further from those engagements with those who have no interest in investigating the truth of any matter -- but have already made up their minds as to what the answers must be -- because somebody has already paid them for that conclusion.

So it is up to each individual to reward themselves in that way -- by discovering the truth of that matter, because that is what really makes a difference -- and not that they can simply live in their delusional world of unlimited "likes" -- and no one can tell the difference.  But a few can -- and those make a difference, and go on and enjoy a richer, deeper life -- a life of authenticity.  Those are the rare few not afraid to find out the truth -- and are blessed by it.  They don't need to be rewarded by others -- and that phony currency of other people's opinions.  They go straight to the heart of the truth.

You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time -- because time eventually reveals the truth.  The truth is timeless in that way; it is what is.  What that is, varies from individual to individual -- depending on their ability to process the information -- and integrate it with all they know to be true.  That is what it means to be truly "fit," and not just one measure among the many that might not even be the right measure for that moment.

Heart rate, or pounds lifted, is not sacrosanct -- but depends on what larger aim needs to be accomplished -- and if that is health in longevity, health is paramount, while longevity is moot.  It doesn't matter for most how long one lives as a "vegetable" -- or otherwise similarly impaired human being.  Far more important is "quality" of life, and length is a by-product of that -- while simply existing with no cognition of life, has no meaning -- except for those who can profit in some way.  And undoubtedly, there will always be people like that -- who make a handsome living on people's continued and prolonged misery.

They don't solve problems, but merely exploit them -- as the only thing they know how to do.  Eventually, they become their own greatest victims -- because that's just the way the world works.  That is cause and effect, karma, religion as well.  In the end, everything is made right -- that is guaranteed.  So we each only need to worry about the short term -- and do the best we can with what we know.  That's what we are responsible for -- and not the ultimate fate of humanity -- as though we knew.  It is seldom sufficient to know only one thing, and think it is everything.  The uncertainty is what drives us to find out -- while certitude discourages us from even questioning anything -- and that is the unexamined life.

That is the real dividing line in consciousness across the human race.  The best is yet to be discovered.


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