Saturday, January 14, 2006

But What Does It Mean?

History and culture are not merely rituals repeated every year to keep the memories of dead people and traditions alive -- but is our daily living being created anew each and every day. And that should be the significance of the King Day beyond the remembrance of the particulars that tend to grow irrelevant in time -- as they well should. Every moment that’s ever been, has been the summation of all that has gone before -- and is not merely the old being made to seem fresh and new. Those moments, had their own unique place and time in history -- but because of that, changed the world, and that is the significance of each and every life, each and every moment. That should be the significance in observing that “every man is king day.”

So these “holidays” should remind us most importantly not of what took place at a distant place and time long ago, but of the significance of the present moment in which that same drama is being replayed in a slightly different context. Without getting bogged down by the personalities, the question remains, are there still those in our society relegated to “the back of the bus” regardless of their color, creed and national origin -- in other words, is it still all right to discriminate prejudicially against some?

Some, and especially those in the “mainstream media,” seem to think it is quite all right to be biased -- as long as they are biased “liberally,” which means theirs is a good prejudice -- rather than understanding that it is prejudice, bias, hate and bigotry that is the evil. Such corrupted people of course think their thoughts, deeds, prejudices, hatred are noble and worthy, while those of others, are not well-intentioned, as presumably and unquestionably theirs are. That is the very nature of prejudice, hatred and bigotry -- that some people delude themselves is all right because they call themselves “liberals” or “democrats,” or “national socialists (Nazis).” They think that the word is the thing itself -- but their words mean nothing but the attempt to prejudice one’s thinking that they are high-minded, noble, well-intentioned folks -- unlike everybody else.

So in this manner, the self-designated privileged position of a few who feel entitled always to ride at the front of the bus, or on top in society as their entitlement, is just a little more cleverly disguised. It is important to keep this in mind because in today’s world, the perpetrators of hate and bigotry are likely to defend that they are unbiased because they did not discriminate based on skin color, while allowing all other manner of malice and bigotry that they think they can get away with. Obviously, they have no understanding of the significance of their bias, hatred and bigotry -- even though their targets are now the new, "politically correct" ones.


At January 15, 2006 4:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last weeks "questioning" by liberal Democrats during Judge Alito's [or Alioto, if you're Kennedy] confirmation hearing brings to light many things that the Democrats would have been happier leaving in the dark.

As I mentioned on my blog, left-wing extremists are pulling a majority of - if not all - the strings of the Democrats.

The first day of confirmation hearings was somewhat reasoned. But when the left-wing extremist moonbats couldn't get the reaction out of Judge Alito that they wanted, they asked their puppets to raise [lower?] the level of questions for the second day.

In an attempt to rock Alito's world, all they managed to do is make his wife cry.

Despicable. But that's what most Dems are these days. What makes this so wonderful is that what we have here is Dems on display, for all the country to see. Durbin. Leahy. Schumer. Kennedy. A waste of space, the bunch of them.

I couldn't have made those accusations about Alito with a straight face, and gotten any sleep at night. The way I see it, the only way that these guys can say those things, is because they, themselves, believe such things about themselves. If they're so far out of touch, then everyone else must be too.

Will the Dems filibuster, in an attempt to delay Alito's confirmation vote? They shouldn't, but I suspect that they might. Will it make a difference? No, I don't think so. My bet is that Alito will be confirmed.

Then it'll be back to business as usual: accusing President Bush of everything that goes wrong, and generally yelling to anyone that listens that the sky is falling, and that we're responsible for any and all terrorist activity in America, because we brought it upon ourselves. Doom and gloom. That's the Democrats' tagline for America.

But I must thank the Dems. They've displayed their true colors for all to see. With any luck, the American public will remember this little display during the next few elections.

Because, frankly, the idea of having these moonbat puppets in office [can you say "John Kerry?"], making decisions like they make accusations, just scares the poo out of me.


At January 15, 2006 10:47 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

I think one of the great problems of contemporary culture and society is the factionalizing of every event and phenomena into narrow partisanship -- for which there is no end to the divisiveness, making everything in life less than the whole. And so people report, that every aspect of their lives seems to be battling every other aspect of their lives -- rather than being the meaning and purpose of the whole, which is lost when the totality is cut up into the many (unrelated) pieces -- signifying nothing but the shallowness of their petty arguments.

So there is this trivializing of everything as the categorical (mass media) imperative of these times -- to make every thought and idea as vapid as possible -- so one needs the entertainment of the day, which may be everybody only being able to write and comment about Judge Alito -- or some new bogus charge against the President or Governor, rather than expending any real thought developing their own ideas and original content. So it is very easy for the union newspapers to be caught en masse plagiarizing one another because that requires the least work and ability.

Then while pulling in salaries many times greater than the median, the newspaper editors will be claiming to be the self-appointed spokesperson for the poor and oppressed, instead of they are more likely to be, the oppressor of all the others in their organization and sphere of influence -- demanding, “Do you know who I am? I own you!”



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