Tuesday, April 25, 2006

District 21/22/23 Newsletter (Diamond Head to Kakaako, Waikiki to Moiliili-Pawaa)

This Wednesday (4th Wednesday), April 26, 2006, at 6 PM, Hawaii Republican Headquarters, is the last monthly meeting before the state convention May 26-28, at the Sheraton Waikiki. Everyone who wants to attend can attend either as a delegate, alternate or guest -- of which they all get treated basically the same except in voting matters. Only officially designated delegates get to vote -- but there's a lot more to the participation than the official business of being a duly certified delegate. You get to meet everybody who's involved in politics and government up close and personal -- which is quite another thing from learning about them only through the media -- and so I would avail myself of such opportunity to "be" the scene.

Rather than just sitting home and writing letters to the editor of the newspapers -- that the newspapers will edit out to maintain a favorable bias to their own candidates and positions -- you get to find out firsthand what's really going on. The state convention is the kickoff event for a lot of people's campaigns -- and the time at which we learn about most of them. However, the official deadline for registering one's desire to run is in July. The major qualification is one's own desire to run -- and nobody else can decide that for another or prevent another from expressing that will and desire. It's as simple as that -- in case anybody has ever entertained such an ambition.

Of course the worst secret in town, is that not even the Democrats believe there is anybody who can compete against Linda Lingle for re-election as governor -- but undoubtedly the media will do the best they can to sow those doubts so there will be some money spent on them to influence the unwary and uninformed. But by now, practically everybody has met the Governor and knows there couldn't be a better person to represent everybody as the governor of Hawaii. As good as she was the first time around, she never stops improving.

And so that establishes the foundation upon which more people like her can be in those positions of responsibility and accountability. In the past, it seemed like the governor's major role was coming up with new excuses of why government didn't work as it should -- and anybody who said so, didn't know what they were talking about. So the political climate has changed in that important regard -- and that is the beginning of change, in the hearts and minds of the citizens. One can't just dictate change from above -- but everybody has to be on board for society to have any meaning. So it is a slow and tedious process that requires and exercises patience, perseverance and dedication. Just playing the game is as important as winning.

I still encounter the old way of thinking -- that it is dangerous to declare oneself to be a Republican, or even be too interested in these matters -- because there might be repercussions, consequences, retaliation and retribution. And that mentality is a tremendous problem -- and why we needed a New Beginning -- in a society that aspires to be truly free and democratic. That old ways was not a good society, let alone evolving toward a more perfect one. That is the problem of government -- when it mainly exists to serve itself, and so there is that need for another perspective to oversee those possible abuses of power and trust. That's the role of the Republican Party in Hawaii -- to maintain that vigilance, and provide examples that government can be done right -- by the people.

The media used to regard that as their role -- of reigning in the dominating party so that a second political party was not necessary -- and so regards us somewhat as competitors to the niche they have reserved for themselves. But they too can be equally self-serving and are frequently aligned with the dominant party to maintain the rule of the self-designated few over the many -- while calling themselves "Democrats." Don't be misled by the words, labels or ideologies.

The most important quality to look for in leadership, is how a person relates to those they represent. And that is why I invite you to come and meet these people at whatever opportunities are presented to you -- and find out for yourselves, rather than depending on people to tell you how you should think about these things -- because they said so.

You can use these links to keep up with the latest thoughts and developments. The last is my personal thoughts summarizing what one needs to know in as few words as possible -- but that's just the way I see it. I don't presume to speak for anybody but myself.



At April 27, 2006 8:43 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Ever wonder why there are so many lawyers in politics?

Bad laws = Job security for trial lawyers.

At April 27, 2006 9:52 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Aloha all - Mahalo for the great turnout last night. Great to see you all.

Passing along a little info from last night's meeting. First, we agreed as a district to spend an hour or so each second and fourth Thursday evening at GOP HQ on the phone bank. Starts TONIGHT (April 27) at 6PM. Party HQ is located at 725 Kapiolani (corner Cooke), C-105. That's a storefront facing Kapiolani. Validated parking is available, and the garage entrance is at the rear of the building on Kawaiahao. Hope to see some of you there tonight.

Next, I still have a few openings for alternate delegates to the State Convention, May 26-28. This will be a very interesting convention. Call me if you're interested.

Next, May is Military Appreciation Month. At 0930 on May 6 (that's military lingo for 9:30 AM)there will be a Parade of Troops down Kalakaua. This is a great opportunity to let our military community know how much we appreciate them.

Speaking of parades, on May 13 there will be another parade down Kalakaua as part of the Filipino Festival being held that day in Kapiolani Park. The State GOP will have a contingent marching in the parade and also will have a booth at the festival. If you'd like to participate in either of those please conact Party HQ at 593-8180.

Finally, we always need voter registrars to help with voter registration. If you're interested, the training sessions will be held at the City Clerk's office at Honolulu Hale. The sessions start at 6PM and are relatively short (30 minutes or so). They're scheduled for TONIGHT 4/27, May 11, May 25, and June 1. Call HQ for details.

There won't be a district meeting in May because of the convention. The next district meeting will be Wednesday, June 28. Mark it on your calendar.

At last night's meeting I mentioned the impressive Tattoos held at Fort DeRussy. The next Twilight Tattoo is scheduled for 4PM, May 13 at Kuroda Field, Ft DeRussy. This normally is a very impressive display of military ceremony, complete with marching bands, drill teams, bag pipes, the whole show. Well worth watching.

Mahalo for all of your great help.

Bob K

At April 27, 2006 11:31 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

While we discussed how contested primaries are good for building interest in the coming elections, we were nevertheless impressed that the Democrats are running "everybody" for the US Congress, 2nd District.

That's the problem of the seniority system rather than one based on merit; they have to warehouse all their senior people hoping they outlive the current officeholders -- and by then, they may be too old themselves to begin their campaigns at 70.

It's a problem in all the arenas in which seniority is favored over merit -- and becomes an especial problem with lengthening lifespans.

There are countries like Sweden that have been at the forefront of socialistic/union progressivism that are beginning to reverse this very damaging trend of locking out the younger generations until the oldest pass on. The freshness of vision and energy is lost or deferred indefinitely.

The value of the elders was that they were so rare -- but when there is a society in which there are almost all old people (thinking), and even if there are a few young ones, they are told what to do by the old -- and so a kind of rigor mortis sets in, as it has at the old institutions of the newspapers, schools and universities. The old mind simply dominates the new -- and so the new has to go elsewhere, and create other possibilities because the old institutions were designed for the few -- and not the ultimate empowerment of all.

The most visible symbol of change in society is politics -- where new faces come and go. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg -- and there are a lot more fundamental and profound changes taking place, in the attitudes and perceptions -- mostly beyond government interference and regulation. That is the real vitality of society and culture. The government shouldn’t dictate every aspect of our lives and be our prime consideration.

The healthier we are, the less we NEED government. I think our Republican legislators understand that role better than those who think the solution is endlessly more government. We want less bureaucracy and not more!


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