Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does Change Take Forever?

Actually, real change doesn't take decades but is instantaneous and immediate as soon as each individual realizes the urgency of it, and realizes that their lives depend on their active awareness, alertness and attention at those critical moments of assuming that somebody else is giving that attention.

Just because a light is green or says "walk," is no guarantee that a car showing no signs of that awareness and compliance, will act according to that "law." Most accidents are due to the lack of attention and awareness rather than ignorance of the law.

Pedestrians (and bicyclists) can greatly reduce their risks by being more aware of total movement and (traffic) flow -- and recognizing that the laws of physics overrule all the laws of traffic of what "should be." Better alive than right.

Drivers also have to drive with that same awareness for the safety of all -- rather simply the assertion and insistence of their own rights.

The object of all movement should be safety above all -- over speed, and “not letting anybody else getting ahead of them.” Leave those issues at the office, school or in politics -- where nobody can get hurt.

That’s how great performers of every sport and activity play their game -- with a greater awareness of what everybody is doing, and not what just themselves are doing -- which is obviously a less effective and powerful response to any situation or challenge. The “Most Valuable Player” is the one who is aware of what all the other players in the game are doing -- and the flow of the game, moving with it rather than against every other.

This is the kind of thinking that needs to be cultivated in our schools and daily lives in all our activities and strivings. The job of every community and society, is to use the total intelligence collectively for common purpose -- and not simply, for each to compete and negate everybody else’s abilities and intelligence.


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