Thursday, April 03, 2008

Trapped in Paradise

At the rate of one airline ceasing operations every other day, shortly, not only will the cost of tickets into and out of the Islands be prohibitively expensive, they may be difficult to come by at any price, and thus those on the Islands, may feel increasingly trapped as the recognition of their fate there -- after many years of being the relative travel “bargain” in the world, considering the distances of other trips.

At first, it is just a matter of money, but shortly begins to affect the whole psychology of being prohibitively expensive and not a viable option -- of coming and going whenever one pleases anymore. Thus the freedom to choose, becomes increasingly for many, that one has “no choice,” but to take whatever is being “dished” out by those who still think they are in control, or at least think they can kick somebody else around without the fear of retaliation and retribution.

Places that are vacation paradises, quickly reveal themselves to be longer term nightmares, when seen from the perspective of “having to” be there, than because one wanted to be there. Thus all the rules encouraging reckless, uninhibited and thoughtless behavior, no longer seem so charming -- if one has to put up with them daily, rather than being the welcomed break from circumspect and routine, that adds to their amusements.

Then it seems, every inattention is a deliberate slight and intent to offend, which is the characteristic warning signs of “rock fever,” by which the world no longer seems big enough, to handle all the people who want to be there -- and there has to commence immediately, some systematic program for the elimination of those who have less of a right to be there than all the others. Of course that is the well know pogroms of genocide in larger, mainstream populations of easily classifiable less desirable types.

When such anger, resentment and hysteria are unleashed, even those who formerly thought themselves safely at the top and immune from any prosecutions and even insinuations of not being perfectly correct and desirable, can find themselves at the mercies of rampaging, mindless crowds in search of their tormentors -- which they now think to be everyone.

That is the madness of crowds one thought to be so benign just moments before -- which is cultivated in the mindset of conformity and groupthink. It is fine and benign as long as everything seems safely under control and being directed only to the proper targets in that society -- but then all chaos breaks out and control breaks down, and those angers, resentments, and furies are unleashed at all their unsuspecting fellow citizens in the perpetual wars reflected daily in the letters to the editors of the newspapers and other public forums.

Those are the consequences of irresponsible government and the conditioning/education to perpetuate the conformist societies that demand its citizenry believe they live in paradise because they have surrendered their right to speak, decide and act for themselves. That is just the delusion of paradise and a trap, rather than the freedom, that any paradise truly is.


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