Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sometimes the Worst Thing That Can Happen to You, Is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You

When everything is going well, there is usually no reason for change -- but then when everything begins to go wrong, fall apart, then there is great motivation, if not urgency, to do something about it, to do something different.

That’s what we need to realize about whatever happens in our lives -- wherever we are, and think we might be along life’s trails. How successful we are, or think we are, is dependent on the perspective and what we think the ultimate objectives in life are. If it is to get and consume more than anybody else, that manner of thinking in everybody, will lead to disastrous consequences -- first and foremost, in the effects of overconsumption, and excessive doing, but eventually in perpetual competition and conflict.

The exercise and fitness craze is an example of excessive doing -- or consuming time, energy and money, for its own sake -- which should not be a problem in the first place. But it is, and the tendency is to address that problem, with even more of the same -- rather than seek out the proper solution, which would be the cessation of both the problem and its solution.

But instead, these problems become an obsessive-compulsive disorder, of embracing a larger problem -- rather than to consider the root of the problem, and its elimination from our lives and consciousness. Instead, we become even more preoccupied with how things are getting worse, despite all our efforts to prevent them -- or could it actually be, because of our efforts to prevent them?

Therefore, when things get so bad that surely they can’t get any worse, one is often on the verge of a breakthrough -- because things can’t get any worse, and so there is only the urgency to make them better, no matter what -- which means abandoning all our notions of how things have to remain the same, and now are willing to change everything, including and especially, our cherished notions of how life must be -- because life is no longer possible, unless these new and different ways, are effected immediately.

That’s how real change comes about -- and not just talking about them endlessly -- which means no change at all, and things continue to get worse.


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