Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Genius of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is smarter than all the mainstream media combined.

Most of the mainstream media thinks inside the box, trying to categorize everrybody into left and right, liberal or conservative -- instead of creating the new ideas and life of the future -- outside of the box!

But that's all the old media minds are capable of -- pigeonholing and stereotyping everybody into the old categories -- so that they don't have to think beyond that, where really all the action is.

That's why the mainstream (mass) media has become increasingly irrelevant -- and are now the rearguard of thinking and developments in the world, rather than the shapers of the dialogue. They simply exploit the old prejudices and antagonisms.

They still think it is enough just to set the public up for the controversy and argument and then retire to see the rest of the people bludgeon each other to death -- as proof that they still have the power to control the mass thinking, and thus that is their value in the marketplace.

But the leading edge thinkers have moved beyond that waste of time -- perverse entertainment for the terminally bored, and useless diversions that suck up all the existing energies that prevent bold ideas from obtaining the energies and resources it needs to morph into a greater reality.

Sarah Palin's withdrawal from the mass media's game in which nobody can win but the mass media (in that perverse way), and breaking free from that control of the mass (mainstream) media minds, is the genius foretold in the writings of Ayn Rand in "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged," in which the most productive and brilliant minds of the time ask, "Why should we be subject to the abuse and control of the mediocre (mass) minds trying to impose their limited understanding and view of the world, as all that has ever been, and ever will be possible?"

So the genius of Sarah Palin's "revolt" is moving beyond the media's singular preoccupation of dividing society into the left or right, liberal and conservative, and consuming all society's energies and resources in these unproductive activities -- so that we can move beyond into the world of greater possibilities that haven't been imagined and articulated before, and certainly won't be in the writings and pronouncements of the mass media pandering for an audience in their traditional and conventional dysfunctional ways -- of creating the divisions, arguments and hostilities.

That is the genius of Sarah Palin: she is an authentic person in the mass media world of artifice and contrivance -- and why they hate her so and have to reflexively destroy her. She's real, and it makes it obvious that they are not. And she refuses to play THEIR game.


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