Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Backwards Thinking

Those who have learned very little in life, are certain of one thing: That for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction -- and so in everything they do in life, they do the opposite of what one would expect, to get the results they want. It mystifies everyone else around them, but they are certain, the only way to achieve anything in life, is to do the opposite of what a simple-minded person would see as the obvious, while ridiculing all those who do not see the genius of their own tortuous complexity.

In every argument, they will be the "devil's advocate," just to ensure there is confusion, deception and distortion, and no clear purpose can ever get done -- because sometime, somewhere in their lives, they were convinced that the ONLY way to get things done, was to make it impossible to get them done.

So in their thinking on exercise and conditioning, they make it as hard and difficult as possible to get in and/or stay in shape -- thinking that is the ONLY way to ensure that everybody will be in shape, rather than that nobody will take that advice seriously, and those who do, will quickly realize they cannot sustain such a regimen without increasingly extraordinary effort -- and expense.

That does not prevent proponents of the hard and difficult way, of devising even more tortuous routines and regimens, to ensure that nobody will even think to try them -- the harder and more impossible, the better, they beam with their own brilliance.

That manner of thinking, is the major obstacle to thinking that staying and/or getting into shape, is the easiest path in life -- and what the body and all their senses really want them to do. That is the wisdom of each individual, hardwired by millions of years of evolution -- if they can just listen to what it is telling them, without the filter of their own erroneous thinking -- such as everything is the opposite of what it appears.

People who are convinced of that, never can see the obvious, or very clearly, because they are confused by the superiority of their own thoughts, over the greater intelligence of life. They are quite convinced in fact, that their individual intelligence, is far superior to the collectivepossibilities of erroneous thinking, and eliminating them -- in favor of overwhelming simplicity, which is genius.

The remarkable thing about athletic competence, is not the waste of effort and resources, but the economy and efficiency of movement. The best, do only what is necessary -- precisely, and not hope to set off an elaborate chain reaction of opposite effects until they get the result they want. Those who take such laborious paths, end up far from their intended destinations, often confused and forgetful of where they had originally intended. They just get lost in the noise and waste of activity -- unclear of any meaning and purpose anymore, because they think it doesn't matter. Only in that manner, can it matter -- to their backwards, opposite way of thinking, and so the more noise, confusion, havoc, the greater the achievement. Those undoubtedly, are the proud devil's advocates.

Goethe, would describe "Heaven as the place where everything is connected and related to everything else, and Hell where nothing is connected and related to anything else" -- or in the case of devil's advocates, everything is the opposite of what it obviously appears, or just random.

Thus they advocate for the overly stressed individual, that what is required to cure them of their ills, is even more stress -- and only in that way, will their present level of stress, seem less. The only way to achieve world peace -- they argue, is to argue more strongly for it and beat everybody else into submission of the rightness of that way -- even if a few have to be "sacrificed" to achieve their ends -- and of course, it never ends while millions are slaughtered to "prove" the effectiveness of their means.

So when one is clear through all this confusion and propaganda, one can see that it makes great sense for fitness to be the whole meaning of life -- rather than its antithesis, or opposite. People were not born to be out of shape; they were born to be fit. Understanding that simplicity and intelligence evolved over millions of years, enables one to simply embrace it, whenever they simply let go of backwards/opposite thinking.

They don't have to be conditioned to think that way; they have to simply let go of their erroneous conditioning otherwise -- that wastes their time, energy, and ultimately, lives. The struggle does not achieve fitness; fitness is doing the simple, obvious, directly. Being it.


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