Saturday, September 19, 2009

The "Democratic" State of Hawaii

Why are the editors of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Advertiser still writing editorials blaming all the problems, hopelessness and despair on the "Republicans?"

Don't they realize there are virtually no Republicans in public office in Hawaii anymore -- thanks largely to their own successful propaganda efforts to purge Hawaii of all the dissenting and "politically incorrect" voices?

This IS what a "Democratic" society and government looks like:

"No blame me; why should I be doing something? Nobody else is doing anything."

When times are good, everybody wants to take the credit and the fortunes, but when times turn bad, nobody knows what to do to change that but to wait and hope for times to get better on the mainland and the rest of the world so it can filter down to Hawaii -- whereupon, the local politicians can then claim credit and any surpluses resulting from that prosperity.

So when the "bad" times come around again, there is no retained surplus to carry one over to the next good time. That is the basic resource management government is essentially rationalized and justified to do, and if it's not going to do it then, when will they? That's what government is for -- to make the hard decisions, and not merely hope that prosperity will revive in time.

The prolonged recession of the '90s, was already a prelude to such an eventuality -- of challenging times ahead. But challenging times need not necessarily be bad or difficult times -- unless one is not up to those challenges. That is what government, culture, society (education) is presumably for -- to take one over those challenging times, so it emerges at a higher level to address those challenges in the future, and not simply to repeat the lessons of the past as though there is no escape from those cycles and patterns -- before that society broke through and beyond.

So in that education (conditioning), should be this preparation for solving the challenges one is encountering in the present -- without withdrawing into a recitation of a more glorious past, as though that ritual, would save them again. That is not a good and valid understanding of the world we live in -- which one cannot merely withdraw and retire from in some isolated paradise.

There is no such thing as "isolation" anymore, and in fact, those that have been the most isolated in the past, are now frequently, and this is true of Hawaii now particularly, of being the most dependent, even despite their protestations otherwise, which is only a self-deception.

They know it every time there is a hint of disruption in the shipping of supplies from everywhere else in the world. Life in the Islands long ago lost its capacity for self-sufficiency, which is the basis of real independence. So while there is a lot of noise about sovereignty and independence, the truth of the matter is, if the props the people have grown dependent on were to cease, that society would be unviable.

And that has resulted in the love-hate relationship of those who despise their own helplessness, but recognize they are too weak to really do anything about it. So every time this fact is mentioned, there is a particular sting to the truth that the culture and society of Hawaii is still in denial about, which prevents it from ever doing anything about it, except to hope that times get better everywhere else, so these prosperous people can come over and "share" it with the citizens of Hawaii.

It is a state built on wishful-thinking and nothing else.


At September 20, 2009 10:58 AM, Blogger Eric said...

I think its natural for a portion of the population to favor one side of the spectrum and the other portion to favor the other side of the political spectrum. The natural order of things is there will be balance as either side shifts to attract more support. So, when I see a group of whatever sort, whether it be a ethnic or racial minority, a geographical population, etc that leans disproportionately to one side over the other I have to assume something "unnatural" is going on. What are the things that the left offers - what are those core principles that Hawaii residents are so attached to? And what does that say about us, as a state?


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