Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Unions Against the Union

The (trade) unions want to be the only ones allowed to organize to promote and support their agenda -- and sue individuals and organizations against their own rights to organize and assemble for these same purposes -- as though that was their exclusive constitutional right.

It's not dissimilar to the newspapers interpreting freedom of speech as ONLY their right to express their opinions, which they relabeled as the much more narrow concern of the "freedom of the press," and then the other "liberal" organizations interpreting it further to be their right to suppress the opposition through the well-known intimidation tactics (of the unions), as well as the "political correctness" indoctrinations of the universities, that teach everyone is equal but the teachers and university professors are just a little more equal and so should be "entitled" to tenure, sinecures and other "seniority" rights permanently above everyone else.

The left usually attempts to monopolize these institutions so that it is no accident that the media and the schools are 90% in favor that their salaries and benefits should be raised to equal the top 2%.

That's what most of today's severe financial crises are essentially about -- that why it might be possible and wise to reward a select few above the others, to compensate entire broad classes with no criterion for merit and productivity -- instead of arbitrary seniority, is financially ruinous to every state in the union. And then beyond that, increasingly much of the budget goes to generous pensions and benefits for those who have long stopped working in any capacity -- because of merely dedicated bargaining for advantage that eventually must ruin an entity or enterprise because the terms allow no flexibility for adapting in a fast changing and challenging world.

History shows, nobody can sustain a perrmanent advantage -- permanently, even the United States of America. We have to be free to adapt -- to meet the challenges of the present times, and not just hope that everyone else will fall back in line and respect the old status quo -- with any self-coronated group of individuals permanently installed at the top of the human enterprise. That's how democracies turn into tyrannies.


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