Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is there No Hope for Hawaii?

Well then, how about the notion that every person should do their own thinking and not let anybody else tell them what to think and do?

That revolution is long overdue in tribal/feudal Hawaii.

Maybe that would be the ticket to better government in Hawaii.

Obviously, the present course and system is hopeless and offers a better future for fewer and fewer people -- who think that the objective of government, is to win all the spoils for only themselves and their clan, and impose their will on the minority, or at least, a majority that is not allowed to assemble and organize for their own interests -- while allowing themselves to be victimized by those who operate as gangs.

That is the culture and society indoctrinated from the earliest days on the school grounds -- that might makes right, or that the majority rules -- even when the majority behaves with total disregard for decency and fair play. If others are being brutalized and exploited, they are taught to look away, and see nothing, do nothing, if they want to get along.

It was the same way in Nazi Germany, and how every totalitarianism came into being -- even when proclaiming themselves initially, as the "Democratic" republic -- when "Democratic," simply meant, the right to impose their will on a minority that thereupon, must surrender all their "rights" to a ruthless and dominating majority. Why else could the "Democratic" legislature of Hawaii, send their respects and Aloha to the most brutal dictator of the times -- against a US president desiring their freedom and liberation to determine their own destiny?

Don't be fooled by the words, or the clever arguments of those paid to propagate and defend that
status quo -- with themselves permanently entrenched at the top of the social-political hierarchy. And so status, and not equality, is extremely important in such societies -- in which some are thought more equal than others, best exemplified by the conviction that the government employees (defenders of the status quo), are tireless, underpaid members of a rightful ruling hegemony (party -- that only they can be legitimately for the people, and the others should be summarily dismissed as all the evil in the world).

It is this manner of thinking (nonthinking) that allows the abuses and travesty of government in Hawaii to continue year after year with people wondering futility, "Why is government so bad?", presented biennially, as the best of all possible worlds -- and the only choice allowed. That's how Saddam was able to obtain 98% of the votes to continue his tyranny -- as the popularly elected leader of his "democratic" country, and the "Democratic" leaders of the US and a few others, to insist he was the duly elected choice of the people.

A democracy is more than just the rule of the majority -- but a system that allows all the voices to be heard and considered, before making a decision on the proper course for a community. But in Hawaii, that has been perverted to legitimize the tyranny of the majority, which is simply a tyranny in any time and place.


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