Thursday, March 18, 2010

Should People Apply for Welfare on the Internet?

People on welfare should use the Internet. Children in schools should use the Internet. As much government as possible, as well as information and communications, should use the Internet. When the Internet is used, costs go to zero.

The whole problem with Hawaii is that money that should go to the people on welfare, or students in the public schools -- instead go to government workers purportedly providing these services, instead of the programs/people that they were ostensibly designed for.

Instead, you need to provide the means with which they can do that -- for themselves as much as possible, so that those on welfare can help themselves primarily, children can learn to learn on their own -- instead of becoming more dependent on government workers to do the thinking so that they won't have to.

The purpose of government should be to increase the competence of all the citizens, and not just secure more, higher paying jobs for government workers. Students can clean the schools.

If we really rethink government (as we have to), the welfare office seems to be the logical place to staff and train welfare recipients so that they can go on to jobs in the private sector -- and even create their own jobs with that expertise. Government should play this role of being the employer of last resort -- and not a permanent job where people don't learn intimately about the problem and then go on to offer their expertise in the private sector to solve the problem -- but just enable it.

Likewise, all education does anymore, is CREATE the need for more education -- when its whole purpose, is to empower everyone to learn on their own -- and not become dependent on government workers to solve for them -- which is cost prohibitive, just like the cost of taking care of patients who won't first take care of themselves, and enabling the cost-prohibitive dependence.

First thing government has to do, is get the people to solve their own problems first -- and not never, so that the problems keep growing out of control.


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