Friday, October 01, 2010

How To Solve the Problem of Education

If you want to attract talent to any field, you pay the entry level as much as those with the most seniority -- to encourage people from all walks of life to enter it.

Then, those who are naturally gifted in that profession, are rewarded by the job becoming easier and more enjoyable (rewarding) for them, and the job they would do if all jobs were paid identically (all things being equal) -- instead of merely rewarding those who can't do anything else but hang on to the one job for dear life.

The problem in education is that too many bad teachers occupy positions permanently -- so that good teachers don't have the opportunity to try it, and remain at it because they are good at it -- instead of complaining incessantly about how impossible the job is because they are not getting paid more money.

The real function of education is learning, and not teaching whether the students learn or not.

As it is, education tries to restrict those who can enter the field by requiring all these mickey mouse education courses for teachers to pretend to know about a subject rather than actually mastering any subject -- which the truly intelligent and gifted regard as an insult to their intelligence, and after dealing with the idiotic rules of the education bureaucrats/union on how they have to teach, decide they can't put up with that for the rest of their adult lives and opt out.

That's why so many teachers leave -- and not because they aren't paid enough. They don't want to be treated like children all their lives -- and have somebody else do all their thinking and talking for them.

No self-respecting individual would want to remain a part of such an association.


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