Sunday, February 05, 2012

Where to, Hawaii?

Hawaii is not going anywhere until the unions and cliques lose their "Fuck everybody else but our group" mentality -- because if everybody wants maximum pay for minimal work, you have the present situation that all the money in the Islands can't buy anything of any value -- because everybody is screwing everybody else. That's why the houses, electricity and groceries are four times what it costs everywhere else -- for what everybody else doesn't want and was going to throw away anyway. but they ship it to the Islands because the4 people don't know any better -- and have come to expect and prefer getting screwed endlessly and relentlessly -- as long as they think their group is screwing everybody else more than every other.

So it is time for the people of Hawaii (Honolulu) to wake up and realize that is an unsustainable vision of a future, and that the only salvation, is that people have to produce more and better for less -- to build up a capitol surplus that the future generations can draw upon -- instead of everybody taking more than their fair share, as what they think they are entitled to. It should begin with the university professors -- and the teachers, and all the people one should look up to, and not just pushing their way to the front of the line to grab everything before the poor working people have a chance to even know about it.

Obviously if you're building a rail through vacant undeveloped land, there's no way the people can ride it -- and it is just one of these innumerable money grabs to create high paying jobs for the few, until the next scam. But by then, the rest of the country will wake up to the realization that the people of Hawaii (Honolulu) are just in it for the money -- promising results they have no intention of delivering -- as their Race to the Top, that all the politicians just look away admiringly.

So when somebody comes along and speaks the truth, undoubtedly it will not be the fantasy world they want to hear about with themselves at the top getting infinitely more while life in Hawaii becomes insufferable and more unequal for the privileged few the university professors and other government workers have become.

Hawaii for all -- and not just the government workers -- and their cronies.


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