Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Victims" in Their Own Lives

Lots of overweight people are obviously out of shape -- but so are a lot of underweight people.

Most of the world's greatest athletes, by the BMI, are overweight and many even obese -- by that measure, but are fit and in great shape.  Probably the greatest service to public health, is clarifying and making this distinction, so we are addressing the real problem -- and that is that people are in poor shape and condition, and thus in bad health -- rather than regarding all deviance from the norm, as undesirable and unhealthy, especially when they in fact, manifest superior health, shapes and conditions as well.

All exercise is not equally effective at putting a person into the condition they want to be in.  Some exercises, expressly put one into a desirable shape -- by creating the movement that causes that effect, while very common exercises like walking and running, do not focus on those specific and express purposes -- and objectives.

No amount of random activity, is going to accomplish as well as very little amount of highly focused and well-directed activity -- so it is not enough just to think of caloric balances, but what every individual wishes to manifest -- but lack the understanding how.  That's why most gymnasts look the way they are -- as well as dancers, sprinters as opposed to marathoners, etc.  They look the way they do, because that is what they actually do, and thus the shapes they manifest.

So these simpleton discussions of losing or gaining weight -- is largely useless information, that exhibits the ignorance of these experts who should know better or something, but have no understanding of the process and what they are talking about (the proverbial obese health care professional), but are saying the same thing all the others who don't know, are also saying -- including and especially the media writers.

The world champion bodybuilders are up to 300 lbs., but don't look fat, because that is not their objective.  Neither is that the objective of the 300 lb. lineman -- who wants to manifest power, but also skill and agility.  That is the difference between most 300 pounders -- what they want to manifest, and actualize -- and not just arbitrary weight targets.

One can find very agile, well-shaped and proportional 300 pounders -- because that is the shape and condition they want to be in, and manifest.  Most people however, simply don't care about the condition or shape they're in, and think nobody else cares also -- or can tell the difference.  And then because of laws prohibiting all discrimination, it becomes socially and politically "incorrect," to be able to distinguish between fat or fit, shape and mass, valid or invalid, appropriate or inappropriate, because the jounalists are saying everyone should not think for themselves anymore, but just repeat what their anointed experts tell them to think for everybody else.

That is the heart of the problem -- that people can no longer make these valid distinctions anymore, because that would make them "guilty" of discriminating these things for themselves, and then regarding their own health as a personal responsibility -- rather than what the government should mandate for everybody, because they don't know any better, and should not be allowed to think for themselves -- and so become "victims" in their own lives.


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