Sunday, February 03, 2013

Survival of the Fitness

Most people are familiar with the term, "survival of the fittest," but few people are aware of the concept of "survival of the fitness" -- which has much greater long term impacts and implications -- that will stand the test of time as something wise to do, with survival throughout the ages, as its measure of validity -- rather than a short term battle over what seems to be the prize, which may be misguided.

It is when the two come together, that one can proceed with confidence, and put all their heart and chances into it -- because nothing else makes more sense, if any sense at all.  Throughout much of life though, it often seems that there is an eternal struggle of one against the other -- never seeming to align, and so one is never clear about staying on that path for long, but is quickly distracted onto another.  Life then seems to be endless distractions -- luring one this way and that, for the prize that seems to move further away, if not to reveal itself as merely an illusion and delusion -- in a life ticking down.

In past centuries, hundreds of millions never got a chance to live to a "ripe old age" -- being cut down by wars, famine, disease and natural disasters, and so we never had to ask that question, "What do we do when many do live to a ripe old age?"

That is uniquely the challenge of our times -- when wars and other calamities no longer eliminate the weak, and even the most vulnerable, can live to a ripe old age -- even at the expense of taking everyone down with them.  In many places, that has become the law -- that none can move any faster, than the slowest person in that society -- thinking that is what an enlightened and compassionate society must do.  People then, are even encouraged to become less able -- because that is what is rewarded, while stubborn independence and self-reliance, are no longer "tolerated."  That is the mandate of the new "tolerant" society -- everything is tolerated, except the deviance from that norm, and the conformity to the group-think, or what we call "popular."

That is to say, that nobody can have any idea, that isn't already held by everyone else -- as what everyone should think.  Therefore, nothing new can ever be thought, because the only thoughts that are allowed and approved, are those that already are popular -- even if they are totally wrong, because favorability is what makes them right, and not individuals thinking independently for themselves.  And because popularity rules the day, those who run the fastest in that crowd, will be proclaimed as the "fittest," while ideas that endure the ages, will demonstrate their "fitness" -- despite once being shunned and banned, as the ideas that should not be thought.

That has be true for as long as humans can remember -- and the cause of many wars, famines, diseases and disasters -- that no longer cull the population.  Yet many will fall victim to their own choices -- as their right to life -- and the ignorance perpetuated by others to keep them at that disadvantage, as a basic reflex in many people, despite their avowed "good intentions."  So the inquiring mind asks, when is the fittest, not necessarily the fitness in the long run, in the bigger picture of things?

That obviously, is when people risk their lives for a moment of glory and supremacy, only to perish in the next.


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