Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Problem of Hawaii

One of the massive failures of Hawaiian society and culture, is always "hiring down" -- and only recruiting people who are less competent than they are, so they can never be a threat to take "their job," and so we see the reign of incompetent people at every level until they rise to the highest offices in Hawaii.

And so when those leaders die, there is always a tremendous vacuum and crisis, because nobody can replace the present holder of that office, who has ensured that nobody can possibly replace them -- making it possible for them to be their own replacement after they retire so they can double- and triple dip on the Hawaii taxpayers even as they do nothing.

And so the potholes become sinkholes -- and the children need evermore education BECAUSE of the education they are getting, and the only way to find out what is wrong, is to hire themselves as consultants to tell themselves why the education system is not working to produce the competent and able leaders Hawaii desperately needs.

Instead, the only people who are ever qualified to hold a high office in public service, are sycophants and obedient followers who will never never question and challenge authority and that status quo -- that ensures that everyone on down, is less capable than everyone above them.

The culture and society needs to change to recruit the best and the brightest from whatever party or state they come from, and not just those who have proven their loyalty by always kissing okole, and do nothing else to get ahead -- as the only way it has always been done.  Then there will be hope for the people, and things can improve -- for a change.


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