Saturday, March 23, 2013

Your Health Is YOUR Job

Because of the excessive specialization and fragmentation of jobs and roles in societies even of the recent past, many people don't think they have a job and/or responsibility unless they have the specific job title, and pay that goes along with it.

That has disastrous consequences when such people "retire" -- and can take on any job they are willing to pay themselves.  They are not in the habit of "paying" for anything themselves -- and are only accustomed to think of "being paid" -- at which they are willing to do anything, but if they have to decide what to pay themselves -- will choose nothing, or as little as possible.

That is the damage in thinking of oneself as less than the whole of society -- or as individuals, which means the indivisible whole.  Such people are always fighting with themselves, struggling with themselves in everything they do -- and even think it highly enlightened and ennobled of themselves, if they only "compete" against themselves -- and so undermine and sabotage themselves all their lives, as the only thing they know what to do.

So when one suggests that they must look after their own health, their immediate knee-jerk response is, "Who for?"  While it is nice to think of one's spouse or kids, it should be obvious that one must attain their greatest health so that they can perform and do their best at whatever they do -- and not that, they should sacrifice their health in the doing of anything, including suffering serious injury or death.  An intelligent person is always weighing the risks against the rewards, in determining what is the best course of action.  The ultimate price, may be his life, or less dramatically, their health thereafter.

That consideration must be foremost in every living thing -- which is the real meaning of "fitness," and not that a brief moment of glory, justified a lifetime of pain and disability.  One is not on earth, to "sacrifice" for everyone else -- and be the pawns and entertainment for those who feel others exist for that exclusive reason.  Everyone has a right to live their own lives -- as best they can -- and not that it is true only for a rare few living at the top of the pecking order.

One's health is the quality of their existence -- rich or poor, tall or short, gifted or not.  Their health is their best life.  And so for many not to regard it as their greatest asset and treasure in life, means nothing else will have greater worth -- if they abuse their own health and bodies in such obvious ways.  They really don't care enough about themselves -- to care about anything else more.  It can only be less.

That -- more than anything else, is the great challenge of these times, of people having to learn to value their own health as their greatest possession -- and make the most out of it, and not regard it as a hopeless cause, and a great inconvenience.  That is truly their whole purpose and meaning for being -- to be the best they can be.  That is not something separate and apart from everything else they do -- and then all their efforts are contributing to everything they do, and not canceling out everything else they do -- as is most obvious in the tortured writing of many whose every sentence is a contradiction and denial of everything else they've said previously.

So one wonders, what is the point -- of anything they do, but to oppose themselves and negate any effort they make -- no matter how hard and valiant?  That is a lot of people's conditioning strategy -- to simply oppose themselves, as though that was ever an intelligent thing to do.  But one can spin their wheels endlessly in that manner -- and of course, have nothing to show for it -- but to "grow another day older, and deeper in debt."

Yet many people still live their lives that way -- enshrined and encouraged in song and literature -- as their conditioning (indoctrination), that that is what life is all about -- from time immemorial, to at least their generation also.  But if that is the problem of that age, what is the point in carrying on that tradition -- instead of ending it, by creating another path.  What is there to be lost but that bondage to the past -- that merely nullifies their existence?

So when one wonders, what will this generation of retiring Baby Boomers do? -- the answer should be obvious, that from Day One of Retirement, their only job is to actualize the greatest health they've ever manifested and thought possible for themselves -- as the first step of any journey to anywhere, and without that preparation, they simply won't be up to any task -- and will truly have lived their lives in vain, never finding out what that is -- when their very being, is their doing.


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