Sunday, May 31, 2020

Making Exercise Easier (and More Productive)

It doesn't take a genius to make anything harder, more difficult, and more complicated -- but that is what the unintelligent, think makes one seem smarter.  That's because to them, everything seems harder, more difficult and more complicated than it is -- because of their lack of understanding.  Doing anything, without any understanding, or the proper understanding, will invariably make things worse -- and never better, and then they shrug their shoulders and proudly pronounce, that that is how the world is -- everything totally and hopelessly messed up -- no matter how much they do.  They don't seem to realize that everything is messed up because of what they do -- and not in spite of it.

So when everything in their body hurts, the first thing to ask, is what are they doing?  And from that, one has a fairly clear idea of what they are doing that got them that way.  It usually is not a big secret, and may be obvious to everyone else.  But accepting or getting used to the idea that everything should go wrong, is what their life is about -- and very few are capable of changing for the better.  They don't want to change for the better: they think there is nothing wrong with everything not working out very well -- and are convinced, that is how it is for everyone else as well -- except they are lying, or pretending to be something else.

So the dysfunctional view of the world, is very strong with such people -- but rather than change, they want to pull everyone else into that reality with them.  They will not get better -- but only worse, and time will bear them out.  You do the same things, you get the same results.  Unfailingly.  Some never catch on.

And that is increasingly true as time passes -- and those results accumulate; they don't just go away with a fresh slate each day -- not that it would make a difference.  They would still find a way to lose -- because that's what they think is the object of the game, or anything else -- to just get worse over time.  They proudly call that "aging," when time makes progress possible -- more often than not.   That's why there is progress and evolution -- over time.  However, that doesn't mean that everyone will progress and get better -- but the few who do, change the course of history and evolution.  They make the quantum leap where others have not gone before.

It is not effort and struggle that has gotten humanity to its present evolution -- but improvements in understanding, consciousness and insight.  If what we have been doing doesn't work, we just can't keep on insisting that it does -- and simply must try harder.  That's particularly true in what seems to work when one is young and healthy, but fails miserably when one is old and decrepit.  It may turn out that what one thought worked in the young, was not it at all -- and there were more powerful forces at work.

And the people who claimed to know -- actually don't -- or don't know what actually works, but simply repeat what doesn't, as though it is the truth, and the only thing they agree upon, is to stick together repeating the same articles of faith -- as their brotherhood, or profession.  Meanwhile, millions are sacrificed to their "knowledge" -- while they remain at the top of the priesthood.  That's a recurring theme throughout history (and ideology).  Those who "know" -- and the people who suffer because of it.  Meanwhile, such people are busy aggrandizing all the turf -- to speak as though they know, and are the only ones who can know these things.

So it is great to see when they overreach, and people break out questioning all authority -- that has paraded itself as "science," or the truth, but having no idea how they got to believing what they do.  In exercise, or the course of movement that one hopes to optimize their individual health, well-being and functioning, it is long assumed that simply making any movement more difficult and problematical, will result in making it eventually easier, more fluid, and productive to attaining optimal health -- when that is obviously not true when the former athletic champions prematurely have heart attacks, are crippled, and die of despair that their heyday is irreversibly gone -- and so they relive their youth as their prime, rather than their tortured present.

How did that happen?  It didn't just happen -- it was deliberate and intentional -- in the misguided understanding that to obtain a desired result, means doing the opposite of what is logical to do.  That would be too easy -- and logical, and their conditioning has made them to always do the opposite of that obvious wisdom.  So predictably, their whole lives fall apart following those infallible guiding principles.  Everything just seems to get harder, until one day, they become utterly impossible -- but not to worry, we can hire an army of caregivers to do all those things for us -- and we can continue to become as weakened as possible because technology will still keep us alive despite no effort on our own part.  And that is how many hope to live as long as they possible.

That is not the only future for humanity though.  There is the remote possibility that people can actually get better over time.  Of course, they have to be doing all the right things to do so -- and not just anything that doesn't get one there.  But the experts will rationalize that there is no difference -- because nothing they've tried works, and so they have stopped trying anything else -- and especially, those things that might work -- because they are "too old" to learn something new, and different.

That would be, that the smallest change, makes the biggest difference -- and not the greatest expenditure of energy, for little or no results -- leading to the characteristic despair of those who have done so all their lives -- and have no idea things can be different.  They think that more of the same is the only difference -- even if it doesn't work, and makes them worse.  Still, they will persist at it until they entirely can't.  A large part of their conditioning, is to believe that there is no other way -- and so they have to do it that way -- even if it doesn't work, or make any sense at all.  Their lives are just rote repetition of what they were programmed by others to do.

So it requires that realization to break free from the tyranny of that conditioning -- but obviously requires, doing something different.  Otherwise, the trajectory is inescapable.  Even those who teach exercise to the elderly and frail begin by demonstrating and demanding them to do movements that are difficult or impossible -- rather than beginning with what they can do -- but like most people, simply don't think to do.  And that is to move at the joints that are ideally designed to move -- at the neck, wrists and ankles -- which if they can be maintained, imply the rest.  Larger muscles are not meant to move intricately, but are designed to provide stability and support -- while the important movements take place at the extremities of our vital and critical senses.

Those are the movements and faculties important to sustain and hone -- and not the biceps, pecs and lats -- for what reason?  Yet that is the only bodyparts aging bodybuilders focus on -- as they barely hobble onstage -- with their obviously atrophied necks, forearms and calves.  That's where the failure begins -- and works its way back to the origin of all the muscular structures at the center (heart) of the body, and all the other organs that work to keep the entirety in top running condition.  All the traditional and conventional exercises ignore that importance -- and that is why they don't work -- because the accumulated toxins never returns to the cleansing organs -- and in that process, making room for the new.

That is what productive exercise and movements do -- pump the blood (fluids) back to the heart.  The heart pumps blood into whatever space (vacuum) is available to it -- and simply making the heart pump harder and faster does not achieve that effect -- but prematurely enlarges and weakens the heart.  Productive circulation is not dependent on how hard the heart works -- but how much the skeletal muscles pump blood back towards the heart.  That is what optimizes the circulatory effect -- and keeps one healthy and vibrant in those areas exercised in that manner, and understanding.

Otherwise, there is the frequent frustration and exasperation that no matter how much they exercise with the conventional understanding -- it doesn't work as one ages.  That is the accumulative effect of not doing things properly and not that it has to be that way -- for everybody, no matter what they do, and how hard they try.   If you're not doing the right thing, it doesn't work -- and it doesn't matter how much of it you do.


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