Friday, November 01, 2019

The "Average" is not the "Optimal"

One of the great flaws in modern education is the belief that the average is the ideal -- when it could be far from it.  Just because the average intelligence will be designated as 100 -- thoughtful people would not think to use that as the optimal attainment -- but aim for the exceptional, which would be very different from the average.  Instead, enlightened people would study the characteristics and profile of the exceptional, and attempt to replicate that -- or at least simulate it as their goal -- rather than striving for mediocrity in everything they do.   

That really is the history and evolution of society and culture -- to determine what works best -- rather than simply repeating what they've always done before -- precluding and prohibiting progress and evolution.  The objective of life, is to better itself -- and not just to keep on doing what it has always done before -- even if it is not working, and many have already forgotten why it is they were doing it in the first place. 

Instead, they have to move on -- and discover what works -- and not merely repeat the past, as though that was an intelligent thing to do -- let alone, the most intelligent thing one can do.  That's not it at all.  That is in fact, the dysfunctional pattern -- of dysfunctional individuals and societies.  Of course they become extinct -- and before then, suffer every disadvantage. and catastrophe.

There are always a few who think that is their opportunity to get ahead -- and remain there -- insisting that everybody else should remain behind them, and never jump ahead -- no matter if one is in the wrong line.  That they are at the head of it, is all they want to know -- and the bigger picture, is not of their concern, even if their line is not moving, nor shows any signs of life.  They're just going to continue to do what they've always done before -- with little or disastrous results -- thinking that is the average, and the best one can hope or strive for.

Far more useful to know than the average, or the median, is the range -- and particularly those associated with desirable outcomes, rather than dragging everybody back to the average -- as though that was an intelligent thing to do.  The healthiest people will not be the average -- nor will the strongest, fastest, most resourceful.  They are exceptional for that reason -- and that should be studied, rather than the average -- and achieving greater mediocrity with each iteration.

So beyond knowing what the average is, one selects those qualities one hopes to accentuate, and eliminates those liabilities that undermine their aspirations, and not simply try to make everyone as equal as possible -- thinking that is the goal of any enlightened and progressive society.  Assuredly that is not -- because a more perfect society is the higher objective -- and not merely spreading the poverty and misery equally so that none can rise above any other.  That is totally misguided and foolhardy.  An intelligent society wishes those most capable to get ahead -- and define that possibility that never existed before, for everybody else to come.

That is the march of humanity -- and how we got to where we are.  The objective of any race, is not to establish and maintain the existing status quo and pecking order -- but ultimately, to challenge it -- and in doing so, better it.  Of course in this, many will be left behind -- but mostly because they choose to be so, and not because it is not in them, to keep up.  The better way, is invariably the easier way -- and so many more can participate, rather than excluding those who will not conform to the narrowly-contrived arbitrary prerequisites of those who insist on being always on top -- and for everybody else to get behind them, and tow the conformity.

Thus, many use the average, for that self-serving purpose -- of forcing everybody else to live up to their expectations for everyone else.  That is what they think everybody else showed up for -- to further their own political/social/economic aspirations.  Increasingly though, that is becoming rarer -- as more people feel empowered to fulfill their own unique visions of what is possible.

There will be those who will maintain that such aspirations are not possible for any but the elites that they represent -- as their God-given distinction.  That is increasingly rare except for a few professions -- who still maintain that they are the gatekeepers for all that can be known.  They may even claim a Constitutional mandate for such privileges -- as the only ones who must be believed.  They know the averages -- and are in charge of their adherence and conformance.

In most cases, they are largely self-appointed, and self-serving -- as they feel is their proper station in life.  The averages are for everybody else to conform to -- and never to question.  To question, is to exhibit weakness -- that one does not know -- which in their world, is a major crime.  One should know everything -- with perfect knowledge -- to be among the elite -- even, and especially when one has no idea what they are talking about.  That is what the average knows -- and there can be no variance from the known.  What they know, is all that can be known.  There is no other.


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