Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Doing Anything, is Not the Same as Doing the Right Thing

That’s the biggest misconception of those who wonder why despite how much they do, nothing ever seems to turn out the way they had hoped and intended it to -- and they can’t quite figure it out, despite how much more they do.

Understanding that distinction, is the mark of an enlightened person -- from a prehistoric one -- or person who hasn’t figured out, that there’s a reason things happen, and bad things don't just happen, but is caused -- including the pettiness and meanness in every society.

First there is that recognition in one’s own life and surroundings -- and then that understanding can be enlarged to a greater worldview -- but not understanding that in one’s own life, makes any comprehension impossible of anything else. “The world” is most importantly of all, what each individual directly acts on -- and not some theoretical understanding that has no consequence in their present surroundings.

Without this clarity of understanding, doing nothing is preferable to doing the wrong (any-)thing, thinking it is the right thing -- and refusing to find that out, and even dying in their beliefs, that they must be “right,” regardless of any outcome. The outcome is merely information of the consequences of what one does -- and not an eternal judgment of one’s worth and (in)adequacies. Reality only cares to be impartial, fair and consistent -- despite the pleadings and entreaties that it not be so for just this once.

Unfortunately, many people have such “educations” and thus are handicapped throughout their lives in thinking that the truth (reality) of anything, is just what they can convince another of what it is -- rather than that there is a chain of irrefutable consequences, although they may be unknown to those determined not to see them.

And so it is not surprising to encounter those whose only job in life, is to convince others of what is not true -- even while convincing themselves and others, that they are spreading such propaganda (lies) because that’s what somebody pays them to do -- which makes anything right in their view of the world.

They only have to answer to that "higher" authority -- and think there is nothing beyond, no ultimate record and knowing of these things (consciousness). Life is merely a trick, in which one either deceives, or is deceived -- and to believe that an honest person ever existed and walked the earth, is a sheer fantasy and fairy tale, that no wise person should ever believe.

So it is very important at least once a year, at the beginning or the end, to remind oneself and all those they associate with, that there is always a possibility, that there can be one decent person to rise above the masses clamoring to be more like the “others,” to recognize the value and necessity, of those who can stand alone with great confidence in the goodness that gives great courage and changes the world.


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