Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beyond Government and Politics

If one reads the newspapers, one gets the impression that the only thing happening in society anymore is what is happening in government -- when it was never more true that most things happening in society and life, are beyond government -- but most people don’t hire lobbyists and public relations staff to announce everything they are doing -- as though they are the ONLY ones doing anything.

People living on the creative edge, are too busy creating and manifesting those possibilities, to send out announcements of what they will be doing -- and of all the things they’ve done, as a matter of public credit (record) -- they expect to be handsomely rewarded for, in this as well as the next life eternally.

Some “public servants” will even "dedicate" their lives to erecting massive public works monuments to themselves to enshrine their memories and names indelibly in the public history for all time -- as the ancient pharaohs did, so that generations into the future will wonder, why were so many lives and all the wealth of that society sacrificed to that monomaniacal splendor? What possible use and purpose could it have served? -- even in another time and circumstances so far removed.

Governments build enduring monuments and institutions to themselves to fix themselves in the public memory for time immemorial while the living being of society, is always recreating themselves with fresh purpose and renewed sense of meaning. That’s what it means to create a more perfect society, and not just enshrine the present status quo, with themselves permanently affixed at the top.

Public service was meant to be shared by all -- and not just be a few people’s lifetime sinecures and entitlements. That is the underlying problem of government in Hawaii that turns people off and away from government -- because they don’t get to serve equally but are increasingly shut out from that participation by the powers that wish to remain always so. Thus a public service becomes a private and personal aggrandizement -- and everybody else is discouraged or sent on wild goose chases to wear themselves out in the tedium of perpetual arguments and pettiness that have become the people’s forums..

But they’re hardly the only game in town anymore -- as people have abandoned such wastes of time, to create more meaningful societies and forums -- quite without the government and newspapers knowing what is going on. If they did, they would want to control them -- just as they want to control everything else they know about, and so the people no longer let them know, for justifiable fear that they will ruin it just as they have ruined everything else -- learning, health, recreation, expression -- into something tawdry, trivial and petty, so some government official can be “in charge.”

The real objective of government is to prepare its citizens for the day when government is no longer necessary -- and not to perpetuate itself for life everlasting, for the greater glory of themselves, and to make its citizens increasingly more dependent on government, and needing to ask permission, for everything they do in life. Government exists to serve its citizens, and not citizens, to serve the government.


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