Friday, April 23, 2010

Lucky Live Hawaii, I Guess

Everybody, get back in your place.

Senator Dan, will tell you when it is your turn.

Now, get back in the booths and vote for MORE OF THE SAME -- just like we told you to.

When we want your opinion, we'll ask for it, but until then, DO ONLY as we tell you to.

Vote for MORE OF THE SAME because we have to protect "loyalty" and "seniority" over everything else -- especially talent and ability.

What if everybody thought for themselves? Could we have a strong and unified Democrat Party of Hawaii and unions demanding all the money for ourselves? No, the people would want to keep the money they earn for themselves, to spend on what they want and think is important -- and not how we tell them to -- for our benefit alone.

If people want to live in Hawaii, they have to play by our rules -- which is that they have to pay five times more for everything -- to support more Democrats doing nothing -- in high paying jobs supervising that nobody steps out of line and tries to think for themselves.

OK, now let the elections continue. We wouldn't want the people to think they have no freedom and choices in Paradise.