Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Sad State of Hawaii

Teachers who don't want to teach, should feel free to do whatever else they want to do -- but not while being paid as "teachers," or in any other capacity as "public service" employees.

It used to widely be joked, "That those who can, do; those who can't teach; and of course, those who can't teach, become "educational administrators." But the real joke now is that they can't ALL be educational administrators.

Somebody actually has to do something in Hawaii (government), and everybody can't just stand around and "supervise," and note dutifully, "the job can't be done, and especially for what you pay me to do it." And so, all the money goes to pay people doing nothing, and there is no money left to hire people who really want to do the jobs -- and can do it, because all the money is reserved for those government workers, who don't want to work.

So everything gets worse -- especially the schools and the education system, which should be the highest representation of the state of Hawaii -- but has become symbolic of its ills, that people merely want to get more for doing less, and ultimately, something for nothing. Of course such a society is unsustainable and doomed -- which is not unprecedented in the history of the world. In fact, societies that continue to succeed and move ever higher, are the exceptions, and some, will even return to the great glory they once inspired -- after centuries of absence because they followed the wrong path, but re-emerged, because they reclaimed and restored the right one.

But for a society to just do as little as possible until they finally do nothing, and then subvert everybody else who wants to do something, is social suicide -- and rightfully, all those who can still see and understand that, leave for greater sanity elsewhere.

People quickly forget, that the reason there was a clamor for the Republican Linda Lingle, was that nothing made any sense anymore, and nobody was accountable for anything, and in desperation, looked to a different kind of leader, who once having restored sanity, the people thought it was now forevermore -- and quickly reverted back to their old ways -- of thinking that everyone could simply have more, without anybody having to actually produce it.

It was thought, that it would just come from the people everywhere else in the world (federal) actually producing the food, clothing and shelter, and not that they should ever have to do anything for themselves anymore. Instead, they "taught" through their institutions (schools), that one was actually a fool to think that way, because everybody else would simply let them do all the work -- while they supervised, ridiculed, and got the most pay, for doing as little as possible -- but being first in line, for all the benefits.

That was what it meant to be "smart" and "educated" -- to be utterly worthless and incapable of doing anything, and of course, being able to tell the difference anymore.


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