Friday, March 01, 2019

The Future is Here Now

The future is being created in the present moment -- in everything we do.  Yet there are many still living in the past -- as the only way they know how.  Their knowledge is entirely, of a world that no longer exists -- as the popular wisdom that was never true at any time.  That is being revealed at the present moment.

The world was a very different place before the turn of the century, at which time the world as we know it now, became manifest.  Prior to that time, it was common to divide reality into the past, present and future -- and not as an integrated understanding that is the totality of reality.  The world was clearly divided into the haves and the have nots -- and very difficult to become the former from the latter.  That was the world of hard tangible assets -- and not the easy flow of finding out and creating the truth of that matter for oneself.

It is an entirely different way of living -- that finding out the truth of any matter, places one at the head of the class -- and not just repeating the popular notions, without ever finding out the truth of any matter for oneself, and relying on the "experts" to do all one's thinking for them.  That manner of inquiry -- and living one's life, leaves one far behind -- where the action is, in discovering what has never been known before.

Obviously, it has not always been that way -- even as recently as the last century -- when the "future" was much anticipated as the ending of life as we knew it.  According to the hype, all the machines would stop upon hitting the Year 2000, and there would be total chaos -- just as Year 1984 marked the previous nightmare benchmark of life as we had known it.  That was the ultimate control of thought and action by powers that be that did that for everyone else.

Meanwhile, Year 2000 ushered in a very different world -- in which every individual became empowered to find out the truth of any matter for themselves -- and even blazing the trail for others to follow and surpass.  In that quest, the Nobel Prize winner and any individual trying to better their understanding and control of their own lives, were on the same footing, and often, funding.

Once one developed the successful prototype, the replication and propagation was easy -- because that is what the culture and technology now did -- for everybody, equally well.  The old monopolies who thought it their exclusive monopolies in the recent past, were now simply fighting the rearguard battles to survive as long as they could on a level playing field -- where everybody could now play.  Those were the institutions, and the media that formerly claimed that monopolistic control.

They were the media because they were the middle men -- recognizing and validating the work and ideas of the inventors and innovators who ordinarily had no way of getting their ideas out to a greater audience.  Often, they lacked the interpersonal and communication skills to do so -- in that previous time of compartmentalization and specialization.  And so they hired "Madison Avenue" to promote it for them -- if they had the resources to pay for it -- or tried to convince us it was a public service -- for the great profit of all, if not the savior of the world.

No longer would one have to stand forlornly on a busy street corner -- holding their sign promising "salvation" for any who would listen.  That was no longer the only way. 


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