Sunday, August 01, 2021

Everything One Does is an Exercise

No one is as certain as a person who has no idea what they are talking about.  People who know better, are much less certain that they know -- before they have bothered to find out for themselves.  Most just accept what others tell them is the truth of the matter.  It's much easier this way.  They never have to question anything -- just presume to know what they are doing, because they think they know what everybody else is doing and thinking.

Undoubtedly, the world is changing -- just as it always has.  Change is simply what we have to deal with -- neither good nor bad.  That is simply the challenge of the moment -- time and place.  In no time was it easier, or more difficult.  So what is one to make of it all?

Not just a part -- but the whole.  Health is being as good as one can be -- all their life.  For many more, that is now possible.  Exercise is a good thing -- and not the last thing one should be doing.  Eating has a purpose, and not just the latest entertainment.  Lifestyle is the best one can conceive of being.  That was not preconceived a long time ago by people who knew more than we do today.  In this time, we know as much and more than was ever known before -- because we have greater access to all of it -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Quality of life is increasing one's exposure to the good -- and eliminating, or at least avoiding the bad as much as possible.  Those are the options in life -- we can choose to exercise -- some more than others, and by those choices and outcomes, we create our lives.  Nobody can and should do it for anybody else -- and ensure those outcomes for everybody else.  That is simply not possible -- because we are born as individuals, of which the meaning is, wholly unique and indivisible.  We all own our lives -- whether any constitution guarantees that or not.  It is simply a fact of life -- just as herds of zebras will attempt to cross a crocodile-infested river -- but not all will survive.  Most will, or the species will not survive.

Humankind is blessed to be much more adaptable -- and have more options capable of being exercised.  One doesn't necessarily have to be the singular world champion at it for it to be useful and meaningful.  It just simply has to do the job -- and serve its specific purpose -- and that invariably means, doing what absolutely needs to be done -- first and foremost, and not being distracted by all the entertainment and trivial available.

At this time, as every other, it is a challenge to determine which are the urgent and which are the trivial -- just because another thought of it, and wants to sell it to everybody else.  In that way, a lot of people lose their way -- in games, alcohol, drugs, and self-aggrandizing/isolating activity.  They are convinced by the marketers that "fake" is better than "authentic," and come to prefer it -- even if it endangers their existence.

So "exercise" is not "fake," but the real -- what one actually does, whether in front of a large group of witnesses, or for their own better judgment exclusively.  Those latter, are far more likely to know the real course of their lives -- than the many deceived by the applause of those who know even less than they do, or they would be doing it themselves.  But the truly meaningful, is doing it themselves -- and finding out the truth of any matter -- with minimal risk to one's continued viability.

One has to risk not knowing -- in order to learn the new, and in that wager, only risks the unknown.  Those who presume to know, never bother to find out -- so certain they are, that they already know everything that can be known, and are even convinced, they discovered/invented it themselves.  

Such people think they know all the right answers, when they have not even begun to ask the right questions -- and think all those who do not know what they do, must be censored and persecuted until they come around to seeing what they do -- as the only way things can ever be.  That is the timeless history of civilization, evolution and actuality.  What one does, is the way life and the world is.  That is the exercise of life -- and not just meaningless practice.   It becomes the real.


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